What Kind of Cleanse for Toxocara Parasite?

by Jody

Can you get rid of toxocara parasite with a parasite cleanse?


Three Ways to Kill Parasites
by: Lora

Toxocara (roundworm) is a nematode (multicellular parasite) that may or may not cause symptoms in human beings. It is possible for someone to have a lot of worms - as disgusting as that sounds - without knowing it!

But since you ask, I am guessing you have good reason to believe this is unfortunately what you are dealing with.

toxocara parasiteDr. Hulda Clark, who came up with the parasite cleanse recipe with black walnut hull, wormwood, and cloves, does specifically name toxocara in some of her discussions about parasites.

She actually presents two main methods for curing parasites: the herbal parasite cleanse and an electrical device she calls a zapper.

A zapper can be assembled following instructions given in many of her books, or there are now several companies that sell zappers that are even faster and better than what she originally designed.

The zapper really is a much stronger and faster way of killing parasites using electrical current - totally safe for you, but deadly to parasites.

The one disadvantage of the zapper is that it has a hard time penetrating intestinal walls, which is primarily where roundworms are found in the human body. The parasite cleanse recipe is a better choice in that case.

There is actually some debate over whether a parasite cleanse is the best remedy as a whole. Andreas Moritz, for example, recommended doing a series of liver cleanses instead since healthy bile output will also take care of the problem.

If you have a big issue with parasites, the "die off" from a parasite detox can cause many unpleasant symptoms that you can avoid or limit through the gradual process of liver cleansing. So maybe consider that?

On the flip side, a parasite cleanse takes less than three weeks, but cleansing the liver can take many months. If you know you have a roundworm issue, I'm guessing you want a cure sooner than later!

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