What Happens When You Do a Parasite Cleanse?

I would like to do Dr. Clark's cleanse with wormwood, black walnut, and cloves.


Most People Experience No Side Effects
by: Lora

Dr. Hulda Clark's parasite cleanse is a natural way to rid your body of over 100 types of parasites at every stage of development. The black walnut hull tincture, wormwood, and cloves are safe for human consumption but create a very unsafe environment for human invaders.

detox for parasitesUnlike pharmaceutical drugs that target only a limited number of specific parasites and can produce harmful side effects, a parasite cleanse attacks only the critters, not your body. The end result is a stronger body with less toxic burden.

Most people experience no side effects or difficulties during the cleansing process aside from possibly a slight wooziness from the alcohol in the black walnut tincture.

Dr. Clark set up the parasite cleanse schedule to gradually increase the dosage as a way for the patient to be assured of the safety and his or her reaction, especially those with a sensitive stomach. There is no big risk, but the gradual approach makes it very doable for a variety of health situations.

If you do find your stomach is sensitive while taking the herbs, you can move more gradually to the full dose.

All the herbs are necessary in their proper amounts for the cleanse to work.

Wormwood is sometimes wrongly singled out as a dangerous herb and the cause of side effects or allergic reactions. But wormwood is toxic to humans only if taken in excessive amounts, just as many otherwise healthy supplements would be. The wormwood dosage in the parasite cleanse is safe.

If you do feel ill while cleansing, that can actually be a good sign. You may be experiencing a significant "die off."

Obviously, any major reaction should be addressed with your healthcare provider (preferably one familiar with natural healing). But if you can manage the symptoms, try to complete the cleanse, at a slower pace if necessary. You may want to consider staying on the maintenance dose until your body becomes more healthy through other cleanses and lifestyle changes.

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Upper Respiratory Infection with Cleansing NEW
by: Lora

Hi and thanks for asking. Yes, it definitely is possible to experience cold or flu symptoms and many other detox reactions when cleansing. Sometimes things seem to get worse before they get better, but the detox reaction doesn't last very long, usually just a few days. Hope your husband feels better soon!

Toxic detox NEW
by: M dodds

My husband is doing a parasite cleanse. He has developed an upper respiratory infection (we think) and is very lethargic and very sick. He has flu like symptoms. He has yellow exudate coming from his tear ducts. We have no insurance to go for medical treatment. Is this side effect of detox? can detox cause infection?

For the lady with the body odor NEW
by: Anonymous

Most likely your PH balance is off....simply add a good probiotic to your cleanse to balance things out and you should be fine I would think.

Cleanse for BO
by: Lora

Wow, I'm sorry to hear about the BO! Sounds like you are making progress but not all the way there and at a miserable stopping place for the moment.

BO and bad breath for that matter are often directly linked to gut toxicity. I would highly recommend switching to a colon cleanse. If you are constipated, go for an oxygen cleanse. Maybe coffee enemas too. Having at least one bowel movement daily is vital to good health, and more often would greatly help you move past this stage in your detox.

I know the nasty cleansing symptoms that often go along with detox can be tough and discouraging, but don't give up hope! You're on the right path. Please keep in contact if you need further help.

HORRENDOUS Body Odor Before and After Cleanse
by: Anonymous

Was taking various measures to address many symptoms prior to this past Sun. I started an official cleanse of ParasitePro capsules on Sun night, as well as tightened up diet for a number of months. It's now early afternoon Fri. One severe symptom before cleanse was noxious, noxious body odor of all different smells (bad b.o., rotting garbage, burning tires, cat pea, ammonia, chemical smells unknown, feces, rotting corpse and many many more).

Was truly hoping the cleanse would knock out the creepy crawly parasites which started about a month ago and felt everywhere in addition to the abysmal odors which started apprx 4 months ago. Creepy crawlies reduced, but not yet gone. HOWEVER the nuclear blast B.O.s still won't go away or stay away.

Anyone have experience or knowledge of what the hell to do. I'm close to losing everyone and everything (job too!) despite my vigilant efforts. Homelessness is getting closer and closer due to numerous absences form work.

Please Help!!!

About increased frequency of BM
by: Lora

Having more bowel movements is usually a good thing and a way your body detoxifies. The cleanse ingredients could be causing this or your body might be eliminating excess toxins and parasites being released. Whatever the cause, it is beneficial unless it becomes excessive. Be sure to drink plenty of water and listen to your body, pausing or cutting back on the dose if needed.

Increased frequency of BM
by: Iris

Would it be normal to experience an increase in bowel movements on day 2 of the cleanse (also using the zapper). I've had bowel movements about every 2 hours today. Is that normal? Thank you.

I would stop the cleanse
by: Lora

Wow, I'm so sorry to hear about the pain you're in. Sometimes it is hard to find the right health practitioner to assist when you need it. Definitely put the breaks on the cleanse. Wormwood could be the problem, but it's hard to know without stopping - and certainly better to err on the side of caution. Just pausing may also give you insight into the direction you should take to stop the pain. The best answers sometimes come from that inner intuition. Later the cleanse could be restarted if you want, but stopping the pain now is obviously most important. I hope you find relief very soon!

Extreme pain in back
by: Anonymous

I am in so much pain and cramping in my upper back and hip and leg that I have been unable to move my neck.
Wasn't sure if this was from the cleanse but it's persisted. I've been to an oseopath who unlocked my spine. The cramping is still bad. It happened after I started taking the wormwood for a cleanse. Not sure if I should stop drinking and if it's related.

Sounds like cleansing symptoms
by: Lora

Skin reactions like itching are a common detox reaction. As long as the reaction is not too severe, it sounds like you are on the right track. :-)

paraasite cleanse day 4
by: dtn

I'm experience itching at night and crawling of my skin...is that to be expected?

Intensity at Night
by: Lora

Symptoms in general can be worse at night, just the body wearing down from a day. Interesting though with a parasite cleanse. Hope you are able to sleep okay.

Day 2 of my cleanse
by: hannah

One other question, do you feel an intensity of symptoms more at night? seems to be the case for me

Day 2 of my cleanse
by: hannah

one other question. do you feel an intensity of detox symptoms at night?

Probably a Die-Off
by: Lora

Hi Hannah, I think you're right that it's normal. Sounds like a die-off and hopefully a good sign. :-)

Day 2 of my cleanse
by: hannah

Is it normal to experience a bit of nausea, digestive discomfort and bloating? seems as if that would be a normal response but I was just curious.

by: Anonymous

I stopped a month ago and still getting yellowy mucous discharge before BM.

Sorry to Hear That
by: Lora

Your symptoms sound miserable. (I've been there!)

Low energy or fatigue would be very normal for a cleanse, especially with parasite die-off.

The back pain and shooting pain down the legs, if it is new for you, might be an inflammatory reaction. It's really common to have inflammation and pain with cleansing.

So I hope these are good signs that the cleanse is working. If your symptoms are too strong, you can reduce or stop the herbs. But if you can ride it out a bit more, usually the symptoms back off and you reach a point of feeling a lot better. :-)

On Dr. Clarke Parasite Cleanse
by: Anonymous

Having pain in lower back. Is this normal? Also low energy and shooting pains down my legs.

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