Today Is My Day 16 of the Master Cleanse

by Sarah
(Sun Valley, CA)

I have lost 8 pounds so far. I thought I would have lost more weight, being that I was 183 when I started. I'm now 175 pounds, and I'm only 5'2". I have not cheated at all. I'm wondering it my body has gone into starvation mode?


Way to Go, Sarah!
by: Lora

 master cleanse successYou are an inspiration! I bet you feel absolutely amazing, especially with less inches! I remember what that was like! Nothing could make the inches drop until I did the master cleanse.

Thanks for sharing that it was easy. I agree with you. There are much harder ways to lose weight! Plus the master cleanse just changes your perspective somehow. It's like a journey, a real accomplishment.

Congratulations, and enjoy the new you!!!

Finished My Cleanse!
by: Sarah

So I finished my 20-day cleanse, lost 11 lbs and lots of inches! Feeling great, and it was so easy. I can't wait to do it again!

Thanks for the Encouragement!
by: Sarah

Thank you for the encouragement, Lora!

I'm trying to increase my exercise hoping that it will help and also I'll try cutting back on the maple. I didn't get to measure myself at the beginning so I dont know if I lost inches but I think I did cuz my jeans fit much better now.

I'm gonna do 20 days and and see how I do at the end. This is my first time doing it and it was relatively easy.

Thanks again for the encouragement, and I'll update my progress after 20 days!

Hang in There!
by: Lora

I feel your pain. I lost weight slowly on the master cleanse too, not the usual 1-2 pounds per day. I'm not sure why, since everyone in my group lost much more weight than I did.

But don't be too discouraged. You have lost those 8 pounds in a very short time, and you can still tweak the cleanse to maybe make it more effective for you.

weight loss for the master cleanseYou have also done something most people would never dream of doing, and you even went past the usual 10 days! That is truly amazing and hopefully the start of more great things.

Weight loss for the master cleanse is individual, but there are two key areas that can be adjusted: sweetener/calorie intake and elimination.

The sweetener plays a key role in weight loss, both how much you use and the type. Hopefully you are using the grade B maple syrup since honey, agave, or other sweeteners can give you less-than-optimal results. But if you are already using the grade B syrup, using a little less can help. Just be sure to continue with the same amount of lemon juice.

Also you can drink fewer servings of lemonade each day, but not less than the minimum six glasses. If you did go below the six, that would be more of a starvation condition like you mention and put extra strain on your body.

But perhaps the biggest factor is the elimination part - making sure you are having at least two bowel movements a day, preferably more. That can be really tough since you're not eating solid food, which makes your digestive tract slow way down. Elimination is key not only for weight loss but to purge the excess toxins that are being released as you cleanse.

To improve your elimination, you can drink extra senna tea or even repeat the salt water flush. You can also increase the dose by brewing stronger tea or adding extra salt to the water.

Those are the usual reasons. Hormonal weight fluctuation is possible for some people. Another factor is simply having family and friends respond in an unsupportive way. Sometimes the people we love get threatened when we make positive change because it shines light on areas of need in their own lives. It's very subtle but definitely can play a role.

I don't know if any of those ideas address where you're at. But I will say I think you're doing a great job to be at day 16! I stayed on for 21 days and did some tweaking along the way that helped a little. Another gal I cleansed with continued for something close to 40! So there still is hope for you. You've done a great job so far.

If you have more questions, please ask. I would love to hear your end results. :-)

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