Subconscious Mind Programming that Doesn't Ruin Your Life

Subconscious mind programming that doesn't ruin your life

Subconscious mind programming gets blamed for many a failed resolution or stubborn habit. But the real issue is not the programming. It's what you might call "toxic brain."

How Do You Get Toxic Brain?

The subconscious collects all the sensory data you take in throughout life, most powerfully in the formative years before age six. This information guides millions of split-second decisions, like whether to trust a stranger you know nothing about.

It is an incredible GPS steering your life. But give it wrong information, like the abusive words of a parent, and it is no wonder plans run amuck. GPS good. Toxic lies bad.

Big Subconscious, Pathetically Small Willpower

Willpower is no match at all for the subconscious mind. While over 95% of our biology runs essentially on auto pilot, less than 5% is left for conscious choice. You may very well decide to lose 10 pounds by spring. But if your bigger-than-life subconscious "needs" a slice of pie, who do you think will win?

Do You Really Want to Get Well?

Subconscious mind programming can actually keep you sick. Jesus pointed this out to a man who had been ill 38 years. He asked the man, "Do you want to get well?" (John 5:6). On the surface the question seems heartless, yet it can bring healing.

There are certain advantages to being sick, such as sympathy or having others take over parts of your life. My own illness allowed me to avoid tough situations and make excuses. And I have seen others express a fear of returning to normal life. Some healing must happen on the inside before working itself out.

Actively Give Your Mind a New Script

You can't handpick every activity in life and certainly not your formative years. But you can intentionally nourish your mind and limit the toxic exposures you now have.

Feed Your Mind a Healthy Diet

Deliberately choose positive people and activities to shape your life, even what you watch on TV. What you feed your mind is what your mind becomes.

Detox Your Thoughts

Make a habit of stopping that squirrel running around your brain whenever your mind is not at peace. Identify the negative and flip it around.

"I'll never get this done!" can easily become, "I've made good progress so far. What's the next step?" This active subconscious mind programming does take effort, but the new script will take over. Just keep at it!

Subconscious Mind Programming the Passive Way

Redirecting your thoughts is important, but sometimes you have no idea what's running your mind. You just know you're trying hard but going nowhere, or backwards.

Let Someone Else Do the Talking

At a time when I was particularly discouraged and had a colony of squirrels running my brain, I discovered a type of subliminal therapy proven by over 40 double-blind studies.

What makes this technology unique is that you can almost hear the subliminal messages but not enough to put your critical (conscious) mind on alert. You know, the part that would laugh at words like "I am confident" or "I am successful."

Passively Becoming the New You

InnerTalk offers a huge selection of topics. For me, it was hard to settle on just a few. Most come with a choice of music or nature sounds, and the price is right.

I found that the training worked in just a few weeks. But the clincher happened long after I stopped listening. I actually caught some very positive self-talk just naturally floating through my mind. Me, the former Queen of Dismay!

Training Your Brain the Easy Way

I highly recommend Eldon Taylor's work. If you are curious, you can listen to samples online or check out their free MP3s. Each comes with a copy of the words being said. It is all safe and easy. Click here to save $5 on your first order of $25 or more.

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