Salt Water Flush Didn't Work

I'm doing the lemonade diet and tried the salt water flush this morning. I drank the entire quart and waited an hour, but nothing happened! So I'm wondering what's up with that? I don't want to go through all this again for no reason. Does it matter if I just skip it?


Salt Water Flush or Tea
by: Lora

A lot of people have a hard time with the salt water flush. I personally found the only way I could get it down was to mix the 2 teaspoons sea salt with just a little water and then drink the rest of the water plain.

salt water flushBe sure you use sea salt or Himalayan salt because regular iodized salt will not work. If you did use sea salt, it could be that you need a stronger dose. Just add a little more sea salt next time. The salt just washes out of your body, so there is no need to worry about adding more.

Also remember to warm the water on the stove instead of using warm tap water. Water heaters are a haven for bacteria and toxins, and you definitely don't want to run those through your body. I am not totally convinced you need the water to be warm, but it may be better somehow.

If switching the dose or method helps, I would highly recommend you keep doing the salt water flush for the success of your cleanse. It is far superior to the laxative tea because it washes your entire digestive tract in less than an hour rather than just stimulating the bowel.

But if you absolutely can't do the salt water flush, just drink the laxative tea again in the morning and allow for a longer window of time before the tea begins to work.

The important thing is to be sure you have at least two or three bowel movements a day while you are on the lemonade diet to help quickly eliminate toxins your body is purging along with old waste (mucoid plaque) in the colon.

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