Parasite Program for Dogs

by Anonymous

I wanted to know if the parasite cleanse is safe for dogs. If so, is the dosage the same? Thank you.


Pet Parasite Cleanse
by: Lora

That is a great question but not a simple one to answer. Just like the problem of parasites in humans, the reason dogs, cats, and other animals become sick with parasites is their exposure to toxins and inadequate nutrition.

Parasite program for dogsThe pet food industry has lead us to believe that plant foods such as grains, fruits, and vegetables are natural and healthy for our carnivorous animals, but nothing could be further from the truth!

Add to this unnatural diet the extra chemicals and contaminants from processing, not to mention the horrors of genetically modified (GMO) corn and soy, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Is it any wonder our pets are developing cancer, diabetes, and other human disease at an alarming rate? Pet insurance is almost mandatory to prepare for the worst.

If you have the stomach for it, take time to read up on what actually goes into modern cheap pet foods. The animal proteins are not what you think and not what any loving owner would knowingly allow their beloved pet to eat!

So the first step in solving the problem is to focus on supplying real nutrition and at the same time eliminating toxic exposure from pet shampoos and other products.

For the actual parasite cleanse, Dr. Hulda Clark does offer a similar recipe for pets, but the dosage is different and varies by pet size. Parsley water is also added.

My personal preference is to use an all-in-one herbal cleanse for pets, so there is less fuss and more predictability.

Good for you for seeking a natural non-drug treatment. I hope it works out well for you and your dog(s).

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