Oxygen Colon Cleanse for
Constipation Relief and More!

Got constipation? An oxygen colon cleanse is a transformational tool that can get you going almost right away. And maybe change your gut forever.

Oxygen colon cleanse for constipation

Why Herbal Cleansing and Constipation Don't Always Mix

When you do a colon cleanse, the hope is not just to evacuate bowel content the way a laxative would. You're aiming at the old stuff – potentially years of mucoid buildup lining your GI tract and messing up your digestion, hormones, waistline, and general well-being. 

Bulk, Bulk, and More Bulk

An herbal cleanse usually relies on the pulling mechanism of bentonite combined with the "scrubbing" fiber of psyllium or another bulking agent.

Add it up, and the problem looms large.  Extra stool in the gut due to constipation combined with who-knows-how-much mucoid plaque plus  the bulking action of an herbal cleanse equals ... a whole lotta stuff. (Maybe too much.)

Why Choose an Oxygen Colon Cleanse?

Instead of herbally pushing and pulling, an oxygen cleanse loosens and melts. You never add anything, just dissolve what's already there. It is therapeutic and safe.

Time-Released Monatomic Oxygen

Healing oxygen deployed in the colon can soften and release even the toughest tire tread plaque. (And yes, it can be that bad.)  This is magnesium on steroids, so to speak.

Where to Find that Added Oomph

The process of stabilizing magnesium oxide to release oxygen is more costly. You won't find it in a basic supplement. And sadly, many detox products aim for your wallet, not your health.

If you find magnesium peroxide on the ingredient list, you're looking at a fraud.

Otherwise, gain insight by doing your homework on the company and their philosophy. GHC is a great choice.

Who Needs an Herbal Colon Cleanse?

If constipation is not an ongoing issue for you, then the liquefying action of an oxygen colon cleanse may be stronger than you need. When in doubt, go herbal.

Relieve Your Constipation – Until You're Free

Getting to the root cause of slow digestion can take careful detective work (and a good functional medicine doctor). But if you keep seeking answers, you will find.

Fake It Until You Make It

Meanwhile, don't let your frustration lead to complacency. If your gut needs a little help, it's better to intervene naturally than stagnate. Death really does begin in the colon.

How Many Bowel Movements Is Normal?

About 20% of the population in North America could be described as chronically constipated. Perhaps that's why Western doctors claim that having a bowel movement every three or four days is "normal." What they really mean is "common."

Healthy digestion involves moving out your last meal while another comes in. There is a chain reaction that starts with thinking about food and then eating that stimulates the bowel to clear house. So a true normal would be around two soft bowel movements a day.

What to Expect from an Oxygen Colon Cleanse

In the short term, expect regularity. Your bowel movements will be looser - and more plentiful. It's not just today's meals leaving your body but the undigested remains from so long ago. And who knows, maybe a few parasites.

Looking Good, Feeling Good ... and Watching that Scale

Your gut will feel lighter, lifting your emotions and energy. (More serotonin is found in the gut than the brain!) Your skin may also exude a new radiance.

And not like I have to tell you, but watch the scale. Mucoid plaque can weigh several pounds. Some people lose inches from their waist!

Smoother Digestion and Nutrition that Works

When you lose the thick toxic residue, you liberate your digestion to maximize the nutrients you supply. This also helps your hormones and makes it easier to lose weight.

Some people report a radical shift from grim constipation to happy regularity. Not always complete resolution, but definitely a step ahead.

Happy healthy digestion is possible

Bright Hope for Tomorrow

With less poisons in your gut (the second brain), you get clearer thinking. But it's more than that.
Discovering how amazing a healthier "you" can feel renews your hope. Maybe you don't have all the answers yet, but now you know it's possible.

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