Organic Lecithin for Gallstone Relief

Did you know organic lecithin can liberate a clogged liver or gallbladder? You get the gallstone relief of a liver flush, just at a slower pace with less drama.

Organic lecithin in eggs and other foods can shrink gallstones

I'm all for nutritional solutions that stimulate the body's own cleansing and healing process. And this nourishing bile decongestant definitely fits the bill.

Health Benefits of Lecithin

Lecithin is a phospholipid found in cell membranes, and one of its main roles is to help move nutrients and wastes, including cholesterol.

Obviously, getting the good stuff in and bad stuff out is hugely important. Other benefits include better mood, sharper memory, and less inflammation.

Organic Lecithin in Food

The best whole food sources of lecithin are eggs and organ meats, though seeds, peanuts, legumes, and certain fruits and vegetables contain lesser amounts. And then there's soy.

Is Soy Lecithin Safe?

Ubiquitous and controversial, soy has become a mainstay for Big Food, the manufacturing giants pushing processed food in America and beyond.

Most soy produced in the United States is the genetically modified, extremely toxic Monsanto kind – not at all fit for human or animal consumption, yet fed to both.

But even non-GMO soy may pose huge health risks, especially with soy that has not been properly prepared and fermented. From my perspective, it seems wise to avoid.

My Experience with Soy (and Why I Quit)

When I was seeking natural ways to heal my hypothyroidism, I discovered two keys. The first was liver cleansing, which made my Synthroid (thyroid hormone) way too strong. I had to cut back and eventually stop altogether.

The second was eliminating soy. I don't know if purely organic or fermented soy would have been okay, because I definitely was eating GMO. I just know that stopping soy brought my energy back. My blood tests also returned to normal.

Are There Side Effects?

Soy lecithin comes with a long list of known potential reactions. But if you avoid soy and go with purely organic lecithin, likely you will do just fine. Do begin slowly, because even good foods can cause a healing crisis as your body heals.

Can Organic Lecithin Cause a Gallbladder Attack?

Most of us picture gallstones as hard and unyielding rocks. They're stones, right? And that would be true for the few that are calcified and rigid. The vast majority, however, are known as cholesterol stones. These more pliable globs of cholesterol, whether soft or crumbly, respond nicely to lecithin and gradually melt away.

During digestion, lecithin joins with bile and basically becomes a cholesterol magnet that grabs and carries bad LDL cholesterol to the liver, where it is broken down and transformed into good HDL cholesterol.

If a stone does pass and need help moving along, a remedy for gallbladder pain should do the trick. When the ducts are dilated and relaxed, even very large stones can safely pass without pain.

How to Shrink Stones with Organic Lecithin

Enjoy Eggs, But Choose Carefully

Chickens allowed to roam freely and eat their natural diet produce entirely different eggs than those fed GMO grains in cramped unhealthy factory farms. Look for "free range" or "cage free" organic eggs - and make sure the company is not deceiving you.

Chickens in Cages, Eating GMO Grain?

Just because eggs are labeled free range, doesn't mean they are! Cornucopia Institute's Organic Egg Scorecard can help you locate healthy and humanely raised eggs. Most are not.

More Ways to Eat Lecithin

Other food sources include organ meats, seeds, peanuts, and legumes. (For more about legumes and liver cleansing, refer to Karen Hurd's protocol.)

Sunflower lecithin supplements may not be safe

What about Organic Lecithin Supplements?

This is a rewrite of my earlier article about soy lecithin, because I now have serious doubts about safety. But I also don't feel confident with the alternatives. Sunflower lecithin, for example, is often extracted using toxic chemicals.

From my time in the medical field, I have seen liver function tests go horribly wrong when a patient started taking a health supplement - and return to normal when they stopped.

Even good supplements can be ruined by bad production.

What Will Lecithin Do for You?

Dissolving gallstones is a huge perk, but many people also report increased energy and mental clarity. According to Jack Challem, author of The Food-Mood Solution, lecithin can even heal depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. A little lecithin goes a long, long way.

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