Oil Pulling for Natural Detox

Oil pulling is a remedy almost anyone can do. It's easy and costs very little, but the payoffs can be huge - anything from curing cold sores to reversing arthritis or heart disease. But how can this be? 

Oil pulling while you shower

Oil Swishing and Mouth Bacteria

Sometimes called oil swishing, this ancient Indian technique involves swirling a small amount of oil around your mouth.

Like a magnet, the oil draws bacteria from porous spaces in your gums, periodontal pockets (if you have them), tongue, palate, teeth, and dental calculus (tartar).

So when you expel the oil, out go so many nasty unwanted guests. You might think of it as bacterial birth control! It's reducing the number of microscopic enemies that would otherwise rapidly multiply and increasingly take over. 

Health Benefits of Oil Pulling Start in the Mouth

Radically reducing bacteria leads to breakthrough healing in your mouth. The results can take your bad breath away - along with bleeding inflamed gums, sensitive teeth, and other stubborn dental disease.

The oil dissolves tartar, tightens gum disease pockets, and hardens weak tooth enamel, eliminating toxic breeding grounds. Bad breath also disappears, and many people enjoy natural teeth whitening as the oil lifts debris from stained surfaces, including veneers.

Healing for Your Whole Body

Less pathogens in the mouth means less get swallowed or drawn into the bloodstream. It is like stopping disease before it happens. Oil pulling also gradually lowers your body's existing toxic burden. This leads to a healthier heart, less chronic pain, happier moods, better hormone balance, clearer skin, improved digestion, and getting sick less often.  

Super Easy Oil Pulling Technique

Many people enjoy oil swishing with coconut oil

On an empty stomach, swish about a tablespoon of oil in your mouth and between your teeth. First thing in the morning is a good time - or before bed.

Tilt your head back slightly to reach your molars, but don't gargle or swallow. About 20 minutes later, spit the oil into the toilet.

Repeat once a day. Twice a day is better if your body needs extra support.

Which Oil Should You Use?

Sesame and sunflower are traditional, but you can choose any healthy oil you like. Many people enjoy coconut oil with its mild flavor and natural antibacterial properties.

What to Expect from Oil Pulling

Oil pulling may cause cleansing symptoms - feeling worse before you feel better. This is a good sign and not something to fear. Back off a little, but don't give up!

Start Small and Slowly Work Up

Begin with less oil and work up to your ideal amount. Some people produce a lot of saliva; others dry out.

If at first you can swish only a few minutes, that's okay. Just gradually increase your tolerance. Choose a regular time each day when you don't need to talk, such as showering or checking email.

It's really not hard, and soon it will become a regular part of your life that is both enjoyable and highly rewarding. 

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