Natural Liver Detox Q&A

Natural liver detox can be divided into two categories. You either flush the gallstones from your body, usually with a citrus and oil liver cleanse, or you gradually dissolve them.

Natural liver detox Q&A

Either way, your congested liver and gallbladder, and the issues they incite, can be detoxified and nourished to a much healthier state.

Can You Have Stones in the Liver?

Gallstones form not only in the gallbladder but anywhere you have bile, which obviously includes your bile-forming liver. Many people are shocked by the hundreds of stones that can leave their body with just one liver flush, even if they have never had a gallbladder attack in their life.

Don't Let Fear of the Unknown Stop You

Natural liver detox can seem mysterious and fearful until you actually try it. And whether you flush stones or dissolve them, it is a transformational process that can gradually and decisively change your life.

Need Help Getting Started or Unstuck?

Below are some common questions people ask about natural liver detox. If you can't find the answers you're looking for, please contact me. I would love to help! For liver cleanse recipes and techniques, visit my liver cleanse resource page.

Heal Your Liver, Heal Your Body

What Does the Liver Do?

The liver performs hundreds of tasks that greatly impact the health of your entire body. Here are just a few: 

Toxin Removal:  During digestion, blood from the stomach and bowel filters up through the liver. This is where toxins, drugs, alcohol, bacteria, and other poisons are cleared to the best of your liver’s ability.

Fat Digestion:   Bile is formed in the liver then stored in the gallbladder to break down fat molecules. This also helps you digest fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. Your liver is key to burning fat and maintaining a healthy weight.

Carbohydrate Metabolism:  The liver helps insure steady energy levels by producing and storing glucose to regulate blood sugar. Liver problems can be a hidden cause of blood sugar issues and fatigue. 

Blood Regulation:  The liver creates proteins for blood clotting and blood volume. Because every cell in your body is nourished by blood passing through the liver, a disabled liver clogged by stones makes your whole body a toxic breeding ground for disease.

Hormone Balance:  Estrogen, testosterone, and insulin are just a few of the hormones the liver helps regulate. Poor liver function and hormone imbalance often go hand in hand.

What Natural Liver Detox Can Do for You

What Are the Health Benefits of Liver Cleansing?

Decongesting your liver through cleansing and dietary changes frees the liver to help detox and heal the rest of your body the way it should. The process takes commitment and is not always fun, but the joy comes from peeling back layers of disease to discover a level of health you may never have known. It is common to experience increased energy, improved metabolism and weight loss, better hormone balance, and a healthier complexion. Liver cleansing can also eliminate seemingly unrelated or "incurable" chronic disease.

Can You Do a Liver Cleanse Without a Gallbladder?

Many people find out the hard way that cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal) does not eliminate all the stones or the problems they cause. But even without a gallbladder, natural liver detox can safely eliminate the remaining stones and increase healthy bile flow.

How Long Does It Take to Detoxify Your Liver and Gallbladder?

If you're doing an oil and citrus liver flush series, keep at it until you stop passing stones or your symptoms subside, every 2 to 3 weeks. Supposedly 6 to 8 liver cleanses works for most people, but personally I did way more than that and kept passing lots of stones. As my health continued to improve, it was definitely worth the effort, occasionally taking extended breaks. A maintenance schedule would be twice a year if you feel that is something your body needs.

For other natural liver detox methods, go by your symptoms. Some techniques, such as adding a whole-food beet supplement to your diet, may become easy lifelong habits which continually promote optimal health.

What Happens to Those Gallstones?

Can You Really Flush Gallstones?

Critics say that the stones in shades of green or tan are merely globs formed from bile, olive oil, and citrus. This idea has been proven wrong by those who have submitted their stones for laboratory testing. Try it yourself!

Also note how radically different the stones can appear in terms of size, color, and consistency from one cleanse to another. And for some reason, passing these "globs" can make you feel better and better, eliminating many forms of chronic disease over time.

Will Liver Cleansing Cause a Gallbladder Attack?

When you do an oil and citrus liver flush, you guide your body through a process that builds bile pressure in the gallbladder (if you have one) to lubricate and forcefully release stones. Other ingredients and procedures may also soften the stones, relax the ducts, and clear the digestive tract. In these optimal conditions, a gallbladder attack is unlikely. But if you do experience discomfort, try a gallbladder pain remedy to relax the ducts and move the stone along. For natural liver detox that dissolves stones, an attack is even less likely.

What If Your Gallstones Are Large?

It is possible to pass even very large stones with a liver flush because the large amount of bile released all at once safely lubricates and propels them. Some recipes also include ingredients that relax the ducts and soften the stones. (The largest stones I passed were the size of grapes.) To ease your mind, you can soften your stones before your cleanse as outlined in Andreas Moritz's liver flush or dissolve your stones by other means.

What Happens When You Soften Your Stones with Malic Acid?

Some oil and citrus liver cleanse recipes include apple cider or another form of malic acid. This helps decongest the liver and make the stones more pliable. It really works! The stones from a regular cleanse tend to be crumbly, while the softened variety are more like jiggly gelatin. This process is not mandatory, but some people claim softening the stones gives them better results.

Questions About the Liver Flush

What Happens If You Don't Pass Stones?

It is very common to get a false negative and not pass gallstones. No stones with a first flush usually points to a congested liver, and often this resolves on its own with the second flush. You can also add malic acid to help relieve the gridlock. Remember that medications, supplements, and alcohol taken the day of the cleanse can also keep stones from passing.

Is It Safe to Consume 4 Tablespoons of Epsom Salt?

It is common to confuse Epsom salt with table salt and worry about sodium. But Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) contains only magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen. Another concern comes from product labeling, which often suggests about half that dose for constipation relief. Taking more than 2 tablespoons can go beyond constipation relief to produce diarrhea. No one wants diarrhea just to clear constipation, but a little diarrhea is ideal for clearing the digestive tract during a liver cleanse. The maximum safe dose in a 24-hour period is 4 tablespoons.

Some of us are more sensitive to Epsom salt than others. If you experience excessive diarrhea with the 4 tablespoons taken as scheduled, drink extra water to stay hydrated. (It will not affect your results.) Then next time cut back your dose of Epsom salt. 

Can You Skip the Epsom Salt? 

Some people omit Epsom salt from a regular liver flush and pass stones without difficulty. This is not a decision to take lightly because your results will likely depend on how much bile you personally have available to propel and safely lubricate the stones.  

A good substitute for Epsom salt is powdered magnesium citrate using the same proportions: 4 tablespoons magnesium citrate mixed into 3 cups water. Or skip the Epsom salt by choosing a recipe designed to do without.

Can You Make the Liver Cleanse Easier to Swallow?

I don't know anyone who is a fan of the Epsom salt water, though some people actually enjoy the oil and citrus (which I can't stand). You can coax down either of those tasty brews by drinking through a large straw or plugging your nose. You can also add a squeeze of lemon juice to the Epsom salt water and experiment with different citrus fruits or liver flush oils

Perhaps the best way to get it down is a planned reward the next day, something you really look forward to. Celebrate your courage and determination in taking this very real step closer to the healthier body you've longed for and a better life.

Want to Learn More About Natural Liver Detox?

For recipes and techniques to naturally decongest your liver and gallbladder, check out my liver cleanse resource page.

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