My Natural Cure for Gum Disease

Natural cure for gum disease

A natural cure for gum disease is the only way to go, unless you have thousands of dollars to spare or enjoy suffering at the hands of your dentist.

To me, the diagnosis of gum disease was painful enough. I didn’t just have gingivitis. Mine was full-blown periodontitis with x-rays showing the beginnings of bone loss. And I had no idea this was coming.

It All Began with My Receding Gum Line

Okay, so I did know about my receding gums ever since I wore braces as a child.  And I do remember being warned about a few deep pockets. I just assumed that basic hygiene was enough.

From Desperate Diagnosis to Action Plan

My dentist’s only advice, aside from her horrendously expensive treatment plan, was “Maybe you could try Listerine?”

So obviously I was on my own. I left feeling horrified and embarrassed, and I set to work immediately consulting friends and searching online.

Later that night after much ado, I did find comfort - not in a harsh chemical mouthwash but in reading numerous dental disease stories. Many were much worse than mine, but all had decisively happy endings. It was possible!

Six Weeks to a Healthier Smile

I know my natural cure for gum disease is not the only idea out there. But I like things simple. I couldn’t picture cleaning out my periodontal pockets every day with water or some other dental pick and having any kind of success.

That’s just because precision is not my middle name. So the clear choice for me was a natural dental oil.  These oils heal gums quickly, and they’re very easy to use.

This Is What Worked for Me

All I did was brush with the oil. Then I applied it to a mini dental brush to get between my teeth. I was diligent, but the oil did the hard part and found the pockets for me.

I also used dental floss daily like my life depended on it.

Within a couple of weeks of doing this after every meal, my gums felt a lot better. They went from being red and swollen to sleek and salmon pink. 

Imagine Clean Without the Cleaning

Six weeks later, I still needed to get the tartar scraped from my teeth. But now that my gums looked and felt so much better, I hoped to avoid the dreaded deep cleaning.

I returned to a former dentist's office with my sob story and x-rays. But just a couple minutes into her poking and prodding, the hygienist stopped. But instead of talking deep cleanings, she said, “All done! You had almost no tartar!”

Like Getting a New Mouth

It had been three years since my last cleaning! I had no idea just six weeks with the dental oil could do so much.

But the best part was when my dentist reviewed my x-rays and carefully checked my teeth and gums. The only bad news was three cavities that needed help. My gums were good to go!

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Goodbye to Gum Disease Forever

As simple as it sounds, this natural cure for gum disease is all you need. At first, it may take extra time and oil to heal bleeding and inflamed gums. But once your gums are healthy, they’re easy to maintain.

I later added coenzyme Q10 to my diet to help seal the pockets.  I also improved my nutrition and restored good bacteria to my gut. But even if you do nothing else, a good dental oil can stop gum disease in its tracks.

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