Medical Symptom Diagnosis

Medical symptom diagnosis with a MAP

Medical symptom diagnosis can be one of the most stressful experiences in life. 

Good Diagnosis, No Healing

If you choose the traditional medicine route with sophisticated diagnostics, your results may be crystal clear. Or maybe not.

Many chronic health problems remain undiagnosed despite modern technology.

But even if your illness does get named, traditional medicine will just manage your symptoms, not help you heal.

Natural Healing, But Self-Diagnosis

Natural healing is far superior but can lead to risky self-diagnosis, especially when you can't find or afford a good practitioner. 

You read, you dialog, you learn to truly listen to your body. When symptoms come up, you try to diagnose yourself and take wise action to encourage healing.
All of this can be positive, just not complete.

Whole Body Assessment - One Affordable Kit

Matrix Assessment Profile

The best way to evaluate your overall health is go beyond medical symptom diagnosis to get a full-body perspective that looks at every detail.
And there actually is a simple way to do this.

It's called a Matrix Assessment Profile (MAP). It's fast, affordable - and completely private.

This innovative system was originally developed by NASA to accurately assess and predict the health of its astronauts before launching into space.

Dr. Richard DiCenso then refined this amazing tool to help average people around the world discover their true health status - and find healing. 

Better than Medical Symptom Diagnosis

To be clear, this is NOT a way to diagnose medical problems. It's much better. MAP evaluation provides a detailed lab analysis of organ function and toxicity, saving you time, money, and a whole lot of frustration!  

Know Where Your Body Needs Help ... at a Glance!

MAP is a comprehensive evaluation including circulation, adrenal glands, kidneys, digestion, immune system, liver, mitochondria, minerals, pancreas, interstitium, thyroid, lymphatic system, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, and fungi.

Real Answers, Real Easy!

The kit is simple to use. All you do is complete the health questionnaire, provide samples of your saliva and urine for analysis, then drop the kit in the mail.

The whole process takes just a few minutes, but the results are sure to surprise you both with the depth of information in charts and graphs and the issues revealed.

Just 12 Weeks to Better Health

Dr. DiCenso's passion is not just to reveal problems but to provide solutions that truly work. Most clients notice significant improvement in just 12 weeks. 

Dr. D. tailors your personal plan to your areas of greatest need, whether congestion and stagnation, digestion, elimination, energy production, or nutrient deficiencies.

The best part is personal interaction with Dr. DiCenso and his team through a live weekly phone call. You may also schedule a personal consultation.

If you follow the plan and take personal responsibility for getting well, your symptoms will improve - even chronic illness you have suffered for years.

Best way to diagnose yourself

Start Your MAP Today!

Dr. DiCenso works with clients around the world, and the cost is very affordable. You can learn from your own home (as I did) and get real answers.

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