Master Cleanse vs. Juice Fasting

by Julie

For the master cleanse, you drink only lemonade and senna tea, which to me sounds like not much nutrition to live by. Is it healthier to do juicing instead? I would like to lose 15 pounds for my sister's wedding.


Healthy Juice Fasting
by: Lora

Juice fasting and the master cleanse are two excellent ways to quickly achieve the goal of healthy weight loss and a less toxic body. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

master cleanse vs. juice fastingWhile drinking different juices can supply better nutrition during your time of cleansing, keep in mind that the main goal is fasting.

For a limited period of time, you want to consume only baseline nutrition with less digestive burden. This is what allows your body to focus on purging toxins and excess body fat in a safe and natural way.

Then after your fast is complete, you return to normal or perhaps healthier eating, choosing from a broad selection of nutrient-dense foods.

Even though the master cleanse lacks variety, it is easier for most people to follow and offers more reliable results, usually weight loss of 1-2 pounds a day.

You don't need an expensive juicer, and making the lemonade takes very little time. It is a low-stress diet that adapts to almost any lifestyle.

And you never have to go hungry. You just bring your jug of lemonade wherever you go and keep your tummy satisfied.

If you have a specific written plan for your juice fast that gives exact recipes and an idea of what to expect for weight loss, then it really is a matter of preference. You could then compare the two diets to decide which would be best suited to your budget, schedule, and weight loss goals.

Before you begin, I would highly recommend you to find a partner to cleanse with. When others around you are eating everything under the sun, it helps to be able to pick up the phone or jump online for an extra boost of encouragement.

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