Easy Lymphatic System Cleanse with a Rebounder (Mini Trampoline)

Easy rebounder lymphatic system cleanse

The best lymphatic system cleanse is simple, fun, and takes just minutes a day.

All you need is a rebounder, also called a mini trampoline. Pick a good spot, put on the TV or some music if you’d like. and then just get your bounce on!

Think of it as your daily break from reality (in a good way). 

Why You Don't Want Stagnant Lymph

Unlike your cardiovascular system that circulates blood with every heartbeat, your lymphatic system waits for you to do the moving! So when you spend too much time inactive, your lymph gets lazy too. The lack of movement rapidly increases the toxic burden in your body, promoting disease and degeneration.

Think of what happens to a city when sanitation workers go on strike. Rotting mounds of filth quickly overflow dumpsters, smog the air, and trash the streets. Out goes quality of life, and in comes decay, infestation, and disease. You don't want that in your body!

A Lymphatic System Cleanse to Love

Rebounding is not only the best lymphatic detox, it’s also an ingenious way for almost anyone to get active on a regular basis. Because it's fun! 

Good for All Ages and Stages 

Rebounding is also low impact, requires no skill or fitness level, and you can do it rain or shine, no gym membership or special fitness garb required. 

Best of all, even just a couple minutes of bouncing here or there can really help. I like my rebounder for times when I need a little inspiration (instead of a nap).

Rebounder Benefits for Better Health

Never underestimate the power of a little bounce! Rebounding promotes healing, increases energy, reduces body fat, gets your heart going, tones muscles, improves balance, relieves stress, lifts your mood, and keeps you feeling young!

Basics of Great Rebounding

Choose Your Rebounder

While there are many cheap models out there, you get what you pay for.  Over time or with heavy demand, springs can wear out or even break. So be careful.

Bounce Techniques

Begin gradually. The up-and-down motion that circulates lymph can also produce cleansing symptoms as your body detoxifies. 

Start with a gentle bounce with your feet never leaving the surface. You may be surprised at how energized or “stirred up” you feel just with that. From there, you can go to higher bouncing, jogging, twisting, dancing, or whatever you like.

How Long Should You Bounce?

Try once a day or multiple short sessions for as long as you like. The only rule is to keep it fun so you keep coming back!

Best Times to Rebound

Because rebounding is so fast and enjoyable, it is easy to work into your life. Try it first thing in the morning, while you’re watching TV, when you need a pick-me-up, and anytime your body is fighting illness and can handle a little movement.

When you’re sick, even sitting on the rebounder while you or someone else creates a light bounce can help the detox process. The interaction with gravity powerfully heals.

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