Lemonade Diet While Breastfeeding?

by Jessica
(Asheville, NC, USA)

So I'm just going to assume here that you shouldn't cleanse while pregnant, but what about while breastfeeding? I've never really been a healthy eater. I'm very addicted to salty processed foods like McDonald's and potato chips, but I REALLY want to get healthy for myself and my family.

I'm having a baby next month, and I'd like to eat better for him so my breast milk is healthier. I think a cleanse is a nice way to start the eating healthy process, but would it adversely effect him in any way if I did, say, a lemonade diet?


Cleansing with Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
by: Lora

Good for you for wanting better health for yourself and your family!

Like you, I once was addicted to processed foods - McDonald's and other restaurants, anything simple and fast. Back then, I was sure that healthy eating would always be an uphill climb. But the cravings do go away with cleansing and better choices.

A healthy liver especially helps. Eventually the good choices feel much better than bad ones, and you just never want to go back.

lemonade diet while breastfeedingI also commend you for considering how cleansing might affect your breast milk.

While there are women who have tried various types of cleanses while pregnant or breastfeeding, it is usually not recommended as a safe practice. Since there are many unknowns, it is better to be safe than sorry when you are making decisions that also affect little ones.

In some cases, there may be compelling reasons to cleanse, such as gallbladder pain. For that, I would seek the help of a healthcare professional to decide what is best for you and your baby.

Those who have tried the lemonade diet while breastfeeding have noticed a sour taste to their breast milk and also less milk production. Perhaps the lemon sours the milk, and there is also reason to believe that toxins being released from the body exit through breast milk as well.

While you are waiting to do the lemonade diet or another more intense cleanse, you might consider daily lemon water along with healthier eating.

One way to lose weight fast without a cleanse is to add strength training to your exercise routine. Strength training takes just 15 minutes a day three times a week, and you can do it from the comfort of home - perfect for a busy mom!

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