Kidney Supplements for Cleansing, Healing, and Natural Relief

Kidney supplements for cleansing and healing

Kidney supplements are not second best when it comes to cleansing your urinary system.

Maybe this is not news to you, but it was to me. Somehow I believed a good recipe by one of the proven healers would produce better results.

But what matters most is the ingredients you use and their quality.

The Makings of a Good Kidney Flush

All you really need to succeed is a good recipe or formula, potent herbs, and the ability to follow directions - which can be tricky with some methods.

Choosing the best kidney flush for you

The recipes by Dr. Hulda Clark and Andreas Moritz have a proven track record, and both are included on this site. The downside is the timing and effort involved. They can seem a bit bothersome.

The other route is to choose a quality supplement aimed at kidney detoxification, which I have found can be equally effective, if not superior, to a recipe.

My Favorite Kidney Supplements

So far I have tried four different products for my kidney issues (aside from cleanses), and they all helped to a degree. But the two I like best are this kidney support and this urinary flush

Both produced cleansing symptoms in me and significant improvement afterward. 

Herbs that Make Your Kidneys Smile

Cleansing the kidneys takes more than drinking extra water. You do want increased urinary flow but with additional help to flush out toxins, dissolve stones, and fight infection while relieving inflammation and pain.


Increasing your urinary flow is not only important for relieving edema and water retention. A natural diuretic will also more quickly flush out toxins, waste products, and infectious agents for better kidney function.

Diuretic herbs include dandelion, parsley, cornsilk, horsetail, couch grass, nettle, fennel, and gravel root.

Infection Protection

Cranberry is everyone’s favorite remedy for urinary tract infection, but there are several other natural remedies with similar healing power.

Cranberries for kidney detoxification

Herbs that fight urinary tract infection include uva ursi, juniper berries, aloe vera, dandelion, corn silk, and gravel root.

Stone Reduction

Some herbs are especially good for gently breaking down existing kidney stones and smoothing their sharp edges. Unlike lithotripsy, this is a safe and gradual process that leaves no regrets.

Kidney stone herbs include chanca piedra, uva ursi, horsetail, couch grass, aloe vera, gravel root, and juniper berries.

Soothing Relief

Pain or discomfort seems to goes hand in hand with most urinary issues, whether it is the burning caused by pollutants or infection, the spasm of urinary frequency, or the sharp pain and tissue damage caused by kidney stones.

Kidney supplements that soothe pain and relieve inflammation include cornsilk, uva ursi, horsetail, aloe vera, dandelion, and marshmallow root. 

Now Is the Best Time to Start

Many people put off cleansing their urinary tract, but it is hugely important - especially if you are doing liver flushes every few weeks. Your kidneys can quickly become overwhelmed.

The nice thing about a supplement is simplicity. And if you have any congestion at all, the right herbs can make a big difference.

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