Kidney Stones Home Remedy

Kidney stones home remedy with lemon juice and olive oil

The best kidney stones home remedy is as close as your grocery store.

Just two ingredients:  lemons and extra virgin olive oil. You may also add apple cider vinegar.

An herbal alternative is chanca piedra, which means "stone breaker." Some people prefer it.
Both work exceptionally well to naturally break down and dissolve kidney stones, smoothing their rough edges and helping them safely pass.

Is a Kidney Stones Home Remedy Safe? 

Passing a kidney stone is not only painful but often painfully slow. And while drugs can help relieve symptoms, the “medicate and wait” method does little to speed things along.

This is where a kidney stones home remedy can really help. Both methods given here actually shrink the stone to get it moving faster and with less pain. You are not any worse off for trying it, and you may do much better.
What you don’t want is to have a kidney stone completely block the flow of urine or perforate your urinary tract. Taking a remedy can help avoid this risk as well.

Just be sure to listen to your body and seek medical attention if you need it. 

Recipe for Kidney Stone Relief

The method is very simple. Squeeze about 2 ounces lemon juice into 2 ounces olive oil. Drink the mixture quickly, then chase it down with plenty of water. Repeat two or three times a day until the stone has passed, full stomach or empty.

This recipe may also expel gallstones (without pain). So if you see green stones with your bowel movement, don't be alarmed.

Adding Apple Cider Vinegar (Optional Variation)

To speed the process, Dr. Edward Group of GHC offers this variation:

After you drink the lemon juice and olive oil followed by water, wait 30 minutes. Then drink the juice of half a lemon stirred into 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar and 12 ounces water. Repeat hourly until you feel better.

An Amazing Stone Breaking Herb

Chanca piedra is a fantastic herb that will get rid of kidney stones and gallstones.

While the best long-term solution is improved diet, many people have reported stone-free ultrasound results just by taking this herb.

Get rid of kidney stones with chanca piedra

In addition to its ability to safely dissolve stones, chanca piedra is an antispasmodic that relaxes smooth muscles for pain relief and faster transit.

It also increases urine output and protects against infection. 

Chanca piedra is believed to reduce urinary calcium but does not harm bones or teeth. You can use it in an emergency or as a natural supplement.

Liquid form may be best for quick relief, and it's very easy to keep on hand. 

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