Kidney Cleanse Recipe
by Andreas Moritz

Andreas Moritz' kidney cleanse recipe

This simple kidney cleanse recipe by author and healer Andreas Moritz relies on ten powerful herbs known to detoxify and heal.

The goal is to nourish and support the delicate filtering structure of the kidneys, which can easily become overwhelmed even if you do not have kidney stones.

Any stones you do have are gently dissolved, removing razor sharp edges so the taxic material can pass.

How Often Should You Cleanse Your Kidneys?

Twice a year is enough if you seem to have good kidney function and overall health. Repeat more often if you are doing a series of liver cleanses or if you have known kidney stones or water retention issues.  

Below is a brief outline to use as a reference. You will find more detail and helpful information in his book The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush.

Andreas Moritz's Kidney Cleanse Recipe

One recipe will last 25-30 days. Present Moment Herbs & Books stocks complete kits for Andreas Moritz's kidney cleanse recipe to save you time and money.


  • 1 ounce marjoram 
  • 1 ounce cat’s claw
  • 1 ounce comfrey root
  • 2 ounces fennel seeds
  • 2 ounces chicory herb or root
  • 2 ounces uva ursi
  • 2 ounces hydrangea root
  • 2 ounces gravel root
  • 2 ounces marshmallow root
  • 2 ounces golden rod herb


Combine and store the dried herbs in an airtight container. Refrigerate for extra freshness and potency if desired, but this is optional.

Each night during your cleanse, soak 2 heaping tablespoons herb mixture in 16 ounces water and leave covered overnight. The next morning, heat the mixture to boil then strain.

If you forget to soak the herbs, just add them to water in the morning. Bring the mixture to boil then simmer 5-10 minutes before straining.

Slowly Sipping the Tea

To get the most out of this kidney cleanse recipe, be sure to sip the tea throughout the day. You want to divide it into at least seven or eight tiny servings.

This allows the herbs to continuously dissolve kidney stones and crystals.

Drink the tea heated or at room temperature between meals, at least one hour before or after eating. Do not add sugar or other sweeteners. 

To learn more about this cleanse and Andreas Moritz's liver flush, check out The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush.

What to Expect During the Cleanse

You may experience nothing at all. But if you do develop backache in the area of your kidneys, consider that a very good sign. It means you are passing dissolved stones, crystals, or other toxic debris. Darker urine with a strong odor is also a good sign.

Kidney rejuvenator for better kidney function

Usually any discomfort or strong urine will pass within a few days. If your symptoms continue throughout the cleanse, repeat in six weeks.

The herbs also detoxify the colon and loosen mucoid plaque. If you experience abdominal bloating, cut the dose in half. Enemas and colonics also can help, and afterwards you may want to do a full colon cleanse.

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