Is Wormwood in the Parasite Cleanse Safe?

I'm new to parasite cleansing and alternative medicine in general. I did some research about the herbs involved, and I don't like what I read about wormwood potentially causing nerve damage, seizures, even death. Is there a certain type of wormwood to take or why would there be this kind of risk?


Cleansing with Wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium)
by: Lora

Of the three herbs in Dr. Hulda Clark's parasite cleanse recipe, wormwood raises the most confusion and concern - but it is also most powerful.

wormwood in parasite cleanseYou need to take the three herbs together following her schedule to kill parasites at every stage of development. Skip any ingredient, and you will not get the same results.

But if you had to pick the single most important herb, it would be wormwood.

The type of wormwood you need is called artemisia absinthium, not to be confused with the wormwood used in Chinese medicine known as artemisia annua, also called "sweet wormwood" or "sweet annie."

Some websites report wormwood to be dangerous, most notably the FDA. But the wormwood they list as a poisonous plant is oil of wormwood, not the dried kind used in parasite cleanse kits or tinctures.

Obviously, taking any herb at higher doses than recommended can cause toxic symptoms, perhaps the dreadful ones you mention. But following the parasite cleanse as written is safe for humans - and not safe for freeloaders.

Be aware that if you do have a significant parasite issue, you may experience a strong healing crisis or "die off," which can lead to symptoms that feel like an allergic response. You might become exhausted, achy, or quite ill in general, but this is almost always a very good sign. The parasites are dying, and your body is frantically unloading large amounts of toxic waste as quickly as possible.

If you do experience a strong cleansing reaction, and your symptoms are not severe or life threatening, try to ride it out. Many people find that by around day 6 at the full 2-teaspoon dose of wormwood is when their symptoms begin to back off. By the end of the cleanse, it is not uncommon to feel better than ever.

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