How to Get Rid of Parasite that Withstood Two Treatments of Dr. Hulda Clark

by Daniel
(Dax, Aquitaine, France)

In July 2010, I went to South Africa to see the World Cup (soccer). I was so happy and energetic at that time.

After one short journey in Lesotho, I felt more and more tired. Not long after that, a parasite was diagnosed by a practitioner (muscle testing) in my system. He didn't tell me which one it was, and I still don't know.

Once again, I ordered Dr. Hulda Clark's treatment plus ClarkFx. I tried twice in 2010, and I thought it was okay. I had more energy and could eat different food. But two years later, I was sleeping much more and was feeling particularly tired when eating sweet food. After a liver cleanse, I then felt strong fatigue and strong anal itching.

What shall I do now? Will it work this time? Please help me.

happy cleansing
Great Talking With You
by: Lora

Sounds like I did not share much new with you, Daniel. You are very well researched!

But it is great dialoging, just to know other people who are traveling the same path. :-)

Thank You, Lora
by: Daniel

As we say in France "Merci pour ces chaleureux encouragements"! It will do, I'm sure. It's great to exchange on the topic, having new ideas. I may try the colon cleanse and carry on with Plantago Ovata until the real colon cleanse.

After a liver cleanse in February 2013 with Andres Moritz method, I did it again in March, adding black walnut tincture into the grapefruit/olive oil mixture. But 2-3 weeks later, fatigue and itching is coming back again.

I feel so forceful during the parasite cleanse that I thought about doing it all the time at the maintenance pace (1 day/week). Good idea but too expensive!

Thanks again, Lora.

Helping Your Body Fight Back
by: Lora

The World Cup part of your trip had to be fantastic! But I'm sorry for the long ordeal afterward, especially going from being healthy to suddenly tired all the time. (I know what that's like, unfortunately!)

If the parasite cleanse worked at all for you, that would be a good sign that you hit the mark at least for part of your problem. Dr. Clark also has a line of zappers that use an electrical current to eliminate an even broader range of parasites, virtually all pathogens, but the current is not as effective at treating the bowel. So you could stay on a parasite regimen for a time if that helped.

parasite detox or liver flushBut the bigger issue for all of us is to heal the body so it kills its own parasites. Andreas Moritz, another popular healer, found that parasites would be eliminated by flushing the liver so that it produces enough bile.

His opinion was that the "die off" from a parasite cleanse is too strong for some people, and he recommended skipping the parasite cleanse but doing a liver flush with adequate preparation to pass the stones.

I'm not surprised you felt bad after a liver cleanse. That's a pretty common experience since you are purging a lot of bad stuff all at once. You may even experience old illness coming back to the surface, which is also known as a healing crisis. But as you do more liver cleanses, you will start to feel better and better. You can repeat every 2-3 weeks. I know they are not a lot of fun, but the results can be phenomenal and life changing - almost miraculous.

It is possible there are other issues are going on in your body with or without parasites. It seems like one illness tends to attract more. We have a lot of thyroid and adrenal gland issues in the U.S., and those make you tired - I've had both.

But you are on the right track. Don't give up! Maybe try more liver cleansing and certainly a colon cleanse if you have yet to do one. Also eating more natural and dropping processed food if you haven't done that already.

I hope you start feeling better soon!

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