How Much Weight Loss on Colon Cleanse?

by Anonymous

I want to do a colon cleanse to help me lose belly fat. How many pounds is normal to lose?


Colon Cleansing Weight Loss
by: Lora

A colon cleanse is a strategic way to jump start weight loss. While you won't reach your entire weight loss goal on the cleanse, you will drop a few pounds and enable your body to lose fat more easily in the future.

weight loss during colon cleanseDuring the cleanse, you can expect to lose a few pounds - not fat, but old waste buildup in the colon, also known as mucoid plaque. That alone makes you feel better, and some people report losing inches around their midline just from eliminating the extra bulk.

If you do a colon cleanse that includes juice fasting, you may lose additional weight by eating less. How much weight you lose depends on many factors, including the length of time you spend cleansing and how much juice you drink.

But it is possible to lose additional weight even with a brief juice fasting cleanse.

This is not usually the case with other colon cleanse methods, though any good quality colon cleanse that helps you lose old waste in the colon is a very good thing!

Since you mention weight loss, I would highly recommend you consider the juice fasting type of colon cleanse if your health situation allows. You will get the best results in very little time. Because you are not taking in solid food, the toxin absorbers and bulking agents can easily latch onto old waste and move it out.

Colon cleanses that do not include juice fasting take longer, sometimes even months longer, and may not truly get the job done.

I have tried four different colon cleanses, and Blessed Herbs is my favorite. You can be done in just 9 days, with fantastic results. And it really is not hard. The toxin absorber you drink every three hours (five times a day) keeps you satisfied, with juice on the side whenever you want it.

After you have completed your colon cleanse and your intestinal tract is cleaner, your digestion will improve, which will help your whole body become healthier - especially your largest fat-burning organ, the liver. Better nutrition means less hunger pangs, more energy, better moods, and so on.

The cleanse experience itself is a high for some people. You can feel so good, you never want to feel bad again - which makes healthy choices that much easier.

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