The Home Online Work I Love to Do

Of all the home online work opportunities I have tried, building a website is by far my favorite and one I recommend, especially with the support of SBI.

Home online work that is fun and rewarding

My Dream of Helping Others

The idea of building my own website started with a longing to help others find hope and healing the way I did. Just as I was practically glued to the computer as I sought relief from my suffering, countless others right now do the same.

I wanted to be out there pointing away from the mainstream medical idea of just "managing" illness with procedures and pharmaceuticals to the very real possibility of healing.

It Wasn't as Simple as I Thought

The easy part is finding a company to help you build a website online. You can literally be up and running in just a few minutes with a highly professional look.

But launching a website does not mean you'll be found or succeed at anything you set out to do! And regardless of how small your monthly investment may be, it makes no sense to do lots of home online work but ultimately stay invisible.

Enter Site Build It (SBI)

One day in searching for something entirely different, I found Site Build It (SBI). And that's when the pieces finally came together for me in one doable step-by-step package. It was the basics of hosting a site, the templates, storage, and support at a very reasonable price. In fact, you can get as big as you want and never see a price increase!

But SBI goes way beyond appearance and reliability to actual results. Your part is just to have the idea or interest, and SBI serves up the rest (and then some)!

SBI Builds a Business, Not Just a Website

SBI gave me the tools, education, and encouragement I needed to move from zero knowledge to building a website that reaches thousands of people each month.

I absolutely love helping people around the world become healthy. It's even better earning an income at the same time.

How Do You Make Money with a Website?

Home online work that actually earns an income can be done many ways. You can post Adsense ads that earn money when people click on them. Affiliate links to products you believe in will pay you a commission for each sale.

You can also sell advertising, write ebooks, host an online store, or do any number of things. And Site Build It spells out all of those ideas to help you become clear on your business plan. 

What I Like Best about SBI

Everything you need from beginning to end is provided. You never have to buy an app or a service, which can be quite expensive for online business owners. One very small and reasonable fee covers all that you need in the constantly improving platform.

But it is more than just the tools and education. Probably the best perk is the Solo Build It community.

Instantly you have friends spanning the globe, both new and seasoned business owners like you. Some have more questions than answers, while others inspire and mentor us. It's a great mix of extremely friendly people, and together we grow.

Is Home Online Work Your Dream?

If you have ever dreamed of owning your own website or home business, I would encourage you to go for it. With SBI you really can't go wrong.

To learn more about Solo Build It, click here or watch this short video.

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