Is an Herbal Colon Cleanse Right for You or Something to Avoid?

Herbal colon cleanse methods have been around for generations, transforming lives one digestive tract at a time. Yet not everyone is a raving fan.

Herbal colon cleanse or oxygen?

Some people warn against agents like psyllium and bentonite, suggesting only an oxygen cleanse is truly safe.

So who is right, and how can you know what's best?

I Like Herbal (You May Not)

When my health tanked, colon cleansing was a first emancipating step out of illness. My results were so impressive that I knew this journey called detox was the answer I needed.

For me personally, an herbal colon cleanse is far better than oxygen. The reason? I know my body. And the same will be true for you, whatever you decide.

Why Choose an Herbal Colon Cleanse?

The mission of an herbal colon cleanse is to free you from perhaps years of putrefied intestinal buildup known as mucoid plaque. 

Detox to Release and Absorb

A mild laxative effect is to be expected, but it's only the start. Other ingredients then work to release old waste and absorb harmful residues that arise.

The most basic approach is just two ingredients: psyllium and bentonite, affectionately known as P&B shakes. You can find my recipe here.

More complex formulas include herbs known to speed the process along and minimize cleansing symptoms.

Seeing Is Believing

We all start out as skeptics. Is mucoid plaque real? How could this be possible? And wow, those photos are beyond disgusting!

One huge plus with herbal cleansing is that when mucoid plaque leaves your body, you have no doubt! First you see it, and then you experience a fresh spark to your metabolism, with far less toxicity. It just gets better from there.

Why Choose an Oxygen Cleanse?

The number one reason? Constipation. If you are chronically backed up, the herbal method could briefly make your situation worse. You can get past this, but it's something to consider.

Oxygen cleansing, on the other hand, tackles the issue head on. You won't become more constipated, and you could become regular pretty much right away.

Herbal Bad Guys – or Are They Good?

The herbal colon cleanse ingredients that usually get a bad rap are psyllium and bentonite.

Does Bentonite Cause Constipation?

In my mind, bentonite is 100% awesome! It has become my all-time favorite cleansing agent. I drink my clay every day - and love it. But starting with bentonite can be a different story as the strong pulling mechanism draws old waste from the bowel. This obviously adds a greater digestive burden, for a time.

If you keep at it, drinking plenty of water and adding more dietary fiber or perhaps a constipation remedy, your gut will transition to a new norm. Give it time.

Does Psyllium Bulk Too Much?

An active ingredient in many fiber supplements, psyllium is a bulking agent that also increases the water content in stool to improve regularity.

It is very common and well tolerated by most people. In rare cases, allergic reactions are possible. Psyllium also can worsen constipation or cause dehydration if you don't drink enough water, but again this is rare.

Other Possible Offenders

The list of ingredients can be long, but always get educated. The best safeguard is to research the company itself. Even good herbs can turn bad in the wrong hands.

What to Expect from an Herbal Colon Cleanse

Any detox will cause symptoms such as headache, nausea, or skin reactions as poisons leave the body. Usually these are mild and point to a positive end result.

Digestive distress is temporary

Transition to a New GI Tract

An herbal colon cleanse will change your digestion during the cleanse and beyond. Often there is a transition with more gas, cramping, or a different consistency or frequency to your bowel movements. This is temporary. 

If you experience continued irritability, you may need further cleansing or a different approach. One cleanse is not enough to fix everything, but it's a great start.

Do You Need Probiotics After an Herbal Cleanse?

Some people claim that a colon cleanse depletes good bacteria. Whether this is true or not, a lifestyle that includes probiotic support is hugely important. I personally enjoy fermented foods every day as a way to stay balanced and boost nutrition.

Weight Loss and Other Perks

When you lose mucoid plaque, you lose hidden bulky weight in your midsection, potentially several pounds. (Scary but true.) A cleaner GI tract then frees up more energy. You feel more alive, with a sharper mind and brighter mood.  And when you digest your food more fully, your body has the nutritional support to better address every area of need.

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