Liver Flush with Ginger Ale

Sparkling ginger ale liver flush

This sparkling ginger ale recipe is my own concoction, born out of the love-hate relationship I had for so long with the liver flush. I did way more flushes than I care to remember!

A Bit Hard to Swallow

While I loved the transformation in my body, I gagged at drinking the olive oil and citrus. Gag with a capital G!

Many Friday nights while dreading the reflux to come, I scoured the Web for any possible remedy. And I found some great variations - just none that would fix the problem. Half my battle was drinking the stuff. The other half was keeping it down.

Soothing Ginger for Your Stomach

The ginger ale makes the oil and citrus combo almost taste good and even soothes an upset stomach. I can actually drink it without plugging my nose, which is beyond incredible.

Sparkling Liver Flush Recipe


* Other concentrated citrus fruit juice may be used, such as grapefruit, lemon, or lime. 


Follow the basic schedule with the no-fat meals and Epsom salt water. At 10 p.m., combine the olive oil, orange juice concentrate, and ginger soda in a jar with a tight-fitting lid. Make sure the jar is large enough to allow the mixture to fizz without overflowing. Shake just enough to blend, then drink quickly as usual. 

Zevia natural ginger ale

Ginger Ale... It's Better than Coke!

If you're familiar with the Classic Coke liver flush, this is a huge improvement. You get the benefits of the Coke recipe, including better flavor and a little fizz.  The olive oil also seems easier to digest. 

Most importantly, you avoid the highly toxic ingredients in Coca-Cola. Although these additives will not keep you from passing stones, they don't belong in the human body.

Choose Your Battles (and Win)

If you are currently a soda addict (as I was), downing one more is not going to break you. And if it helps, at least you are moving the right direction by cleansing. You will get stronger.

It's Not the Greatest Health Drink, But You Do Have Options

Obviously, the ingredients are not perfectly healthy, but do what you can. Choose the best orange juice concentrate you can find, organic if possible. Most commercial orange juice contains chemical flavors and scents, which don't help you or your liver.

Also look for a natural ginger soda such as Zevia to avoid sugar, artificial sweeteners, and most of the bad stuff.  

Stay Away from Artificial Sweeteners

Never eat or drink anything with artificial sweeteners such as NutraSweet (aspartame) or Splenda (sucralose). They are highly toxic to the body, and there are much safer options.

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