Cold and Flu Relief - Naturally!

Cold and flu relief naturally

Real cold and flu relief will never come from a quick pharmaceutical fix. Because medications only hide symptoms. They do nothing to heal.

In fact, the end result of taking any drug is a weaker immune system.

So while you may feel better in the short term, you make yourself easy prey to the next sickness, stress-induced illness, or unsanitary food that comes your way. Can you say, "Sitting duck"?

Is It a Cold, the Flu, or What?

The flu gets blamed for pretty much anything that seems to pass from person to person during cold and flu season. But this leaves out countless other causes for sickness which are far more common, such as food poisoning, food intolerance or allergy, reaction to supplements or medication, changes to your life whether big or small, emotional stress, and even a healing crisis

Fortunately you don’t need to know exactly what’s wrong with you to get well. You just need to supply natural support and let your body do the rest. 

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Moving Beyond the Basics of Getting Well

Home remedies for a cold, flu, or other illness

Most of us know to drink extra fluids, sleep more, and even take vitamin C when we’re feeling under the weather.

But it is not as commonly known that adding movement to your day can really help. This is true for major illness such as cancer and even for minor cold and flu relief.

Movement helps your lymphatic system, which stagnates when you’re not using your muscles. So even just getting up and walking around from time to time is a good idea.

If you feel more energetic, try using a rebounder (mini trampoline). If less energetic, just five minutes of skin brushing will get your lymph moving. 

Home Remedies for a Cold, Flu, or Other Illness

To help your body get well fast, consider adding a detox or immune system booster. These ideas are simple yet mighty!

Lemon water

Lemon Water

Tomato tea

Tomato Tea

Detox bath

Detox Bath

Castor oil pack

Castor Oil Pack

Adsorb with Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal can be very effective at relieving acute illness, food poisoning, and cleansing symptoms. It is easy and always safe to try.

About Fruit Juice ...

In an effort to drink more fluids and cleanse the body, many people choose fruit juice. After all, natural juice is a healthy way to get vitamin C, right?

Not exactly. While whole fruit is good in moderation, refined juice is almost never healthy due to the high fructose content.

Avoid the fructose in fruit juice

Cold and Flu Relief from Sugar... Seriously?

When you drink fruit juice, you basically drown your body in fructose without the original whole-fruit fiber to limit blood sugar spikes.

So while mentally you feel good about flushing your body with this “healthy drink,” you’re disabling your immune system and creating further issues needing repair.

Stick to mostly filtered water, and you're good to go!  

Stop Itching and Scratching Fast!

If your illness comes with a rash, dry skin, or something else that makes you scratch, try this unique mosquito bite remedy!

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