Exercise and Lemonade Diet

Is it okay to exercise on the lemonade diet? I just started working out at the gym four times a week, and I don't want to lose my momentum. I usually drink a protein shake afterwards, so I know that's out. But if I hit the gym, will my body have enough strength to complete a workout, or would that make my energy crash?


Being Active or Not Active
by: Lora

That's a great question to ask before you're in the middle of the diet and wonder if you have pushed yourself too hard. There's the issue of energy level, and then what do you do if you have muscle aches? Even natural remedies should be avoided while on the cleanse.

exercise on lemonade dietSome people choose to remain active during the lemonade diet with very physical jobs or other responsibilities and have no problem doing so. They just take a jug of lemonade with them wherever they go, and all is well.

While the diet is low calorie, it's common to actually feel more energetic and productive, with a sharp mind and a body not weighed down by a lot of unhealthy food choices.

But since you have a choice on whether or not to exercise, you may want to go light on your workout or give yourself a break.

While you should do fine with less calories and drinking the lemonade whenever you are hungry, cleansing symptoms can arise at times and leave you feeling drained. It's good to at least be ready for that possibility so you can take it easy.

Just so you know, choosing not to work out while on the lemonade diet will not limit your weight loss in any way. Being in a relaxed state will allow your body to focus all the more on cleansing and becoming healthy. Most people lose an average of 1-2 pounds a day just by following the plan as written.

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