Does the Parasite Cleanse Create a Herx?

by Verity
(Nevada City, CA)

I have Lyme disease and also parasites. I'm wondering if this particular cleanse creates a Herx. I have lost 20 pounds, and at my age my immune system would not be capable of a strong or even not-so-strong Herx.


Cleansing and Herxheimer Response
by: Lora

I'm so sorry to hear about your Lyme disease and the parasites. It is wise you are looking before you leap since you have obviously been through a lot already. And you're right that your body needs to handle detox in manageable chunks.

A parasite cleanse definitely can create a Herxheimer reaction (cleansing symptoms), and the "die off" can be strong for some people. You might be one of them.

detox your bodyThe good news is that there are other ways to evict parasites and more gradually detox your body. For example, Andreas Moritz recommends the liver flush as a less intense way to help your body fight the problem.

Most of us produce only a fraction of the bile we should due to the liver being clogged with stones and sludge. Once you clear the debris, your liver then produces enough bile to kill parasites on its own.

The liver flush, like any other detox, can at time produce cleansing symptoms.

Many people experience a minor reaction immediately following. But from what I understand, these symptoms would be less severe than the "die off" a parasite cleanse would produce when you have a significant issue.

So maybe try liver cleansing? Also, you might consider oil pulling, which can be helpful with all kinds of health issues, including Lyme disease. If you use coconut oil, that will further help with parasites.

Likely you will have Herxheimer reactions with a liver cleanse, oil pulling, or any other cleanse you choose to try. But you can just pace yourself so that the symptoms are not overwhelming.

I personally have come to appreciate cleansing symptoms when they happen because I know something else is on the way out. The weirdest one I ever had was poison ivy coming out over two years after a horrendous exposure that landed me in the ER. I had the familiar red itchy swellings show up in the same spots as before, but the intensity and duration were much less.

I figure that when my body surfaces something like that, it's because I'll be better off with the toxins pushed out rather than remaining inside.

But I definitely understand fearing a strong one. The oil pulling especially would be a good choice since you can ease into it with a little oil and time duration and back off if you need to.

You might also consider castor oil packs to help with cleansing symptoms - or just to encourage faster healing.

Hope that helps, and I really hope you find relief soon!

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