Do You Gain Weight After the Master Cleanse?

I am thinking of doing the master cleanse, but some people say it is really hard and you gain the weight back after you're done. I'm wondering how much weight is normal to lose and is it normal to keep the weight off or gain it back? I don't mind if the cleanse is hard, but I don't want to go through all that for nothing!


Success Begins in the Mind
by: Lora

That's a great question. I have heard both sides - people saying the master cleanse (lemonade diet) is really tough and they gained all the weight back and others saying they mostly felt incredible on the cleanse and kept the weight off.

gain weight on master cleanseMy experience is that it all boils down to your real reason for doing the master cleanse.

It's okay to want fast, significant weight loss. But do you want that weight loss so you can go back to your old way of life?

Or are you ready to make changes that will make you feel much better and keep you slim and healthy for years to come?

If you go into the cleanse as a short time of depriving yourself and longing for the day you can satisfy your cravings, you will probably have a bad experience. The whole time you will feel like you are "missing out," and you may binge during the diet or afterward to compensate. Wrong attitude!

If instead you go into the cleanse looking forward to the new healthier, slimmer you, feeling wise about your decision to make positive change happen - regardless of what people think - the master cleanse can be a major turning point in your life.

While on the cleanse, you can enjoy the increased energy, mental clarity, and feeling of finally being in control of your own body, rather than being dragged around by cravings and bad habits. You will look forward to eating solid food again, of course, but the experience will change the way you think about eating.

You will want to feel that good on a more regular basis, which is possible when you learn to listen to your body. You make the shift from satisfying cravings and emotional needs to learning what foods make you feel terrific. Your perspective shifts, and that makes changing your diet and lifestyle all about enjoying life more - not less.

Losing 1-2 pounds a day is average. If you have done a colon cleanse previously, you may not lose as much since part of the weight loss is buildup in the colon.

After the cleanse is done and you start eating solid food again, it is common to immediately gain about five pounds. This is not fat but just the result of a full digestive tract. Any weight gain after that usually depends on the reason you did the cleanse to begin with.

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