Do I Have Stomach Parasites?

by Anonymous

We have pets, two dogs and a cat. I do clean the cat box. Lately I have been hungry all the time. I eat, then I want to eat more. I wake up hungry. I'm hungry all day, no matter what I do! Do I have some kind of stomach parasite?


Unexplained Hunger
by: Lora

Parasites can come from the pets we love. Cat feces from a litter box can spread a common parasite known as the toxoplasma gondii parasite, which is linked to changes in the brain. Pregnant women risk brain damage to their unborn children.

cat litter parasitesBut whether or not the hunger is caused by a parasite is something a healthcare professional would need to answer for you. Unexplained hunger can be caused by so many issues, as I'm sure you know.

It would be good to get the basic issues addressed since there could be something else that needs to be tweaked to bring you in balance.

Dietary changes may also help. If you are eating a lot of processed foods, for example, additives like monosodium glutamate (MSG) and aspartame (NutraSweet) can make you hungry more often. Eating too much sugar or carbs can make your blood sugar spike then crash, leaving you suddenly very hungry.

But if you do decide to address possible critters, a parasite cleanse is very simple, and you can be done in about three weeks. The cost is less than a doctor's visit.

Keep in mind that if you do have a parasite, reinfection is possible.

The best defense is to eat plenty of whole foods, get lots of exercise and sunshine, and stay healthy in general so your body can take care of any future issue. Limiting exposure to parasites is also a good idea whenever possible - practicing good hygiene, cooking meat thoroughly, etc.

I hope you start feeling better soon!

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