Colon Cleanse Weight Loss,
Fact or Fiction?

What are we to make of colon cleanse weight loss stories? Are the incredible results people report wild exaggerations? Or is there an element of truth?

Where does colon cleanse weight loss come from?

Mystery of the Shrinking Midsection

When you get past the marketing spin and photoshopped images flooding the highly lucrative diet and detox market, there actually are a lot of credible stories.

People really do emerge with clearer skin, new energy, and yes, a lower number on the scale. Some even report weight loss by the inch or a smaller clothing size (with photos to boot).
I am one of those people. And while your results will be unique to you, I would suggest that movement toward a healthy weight is something to expect.

Lose that Heavy Hidden Bloat

The goal of a good colon detox is to eliminate the unseen layer of mucoid plaque in the colon. So it is much more than relieving constipation and getting your bowels moving. It is actually dissolving or dislodging old rubbery waste you have potentially carried for years, maybe most of your life.

Feeling Bad and Staying Sick

Lugging around this putrefied buildup promotes indigestion with gas, cramping, diarrhea, and constipation.

It is a barrier that actually messes with the way your gut absorbs nutrients, which makes it extremely hard to be anything but sick and getting sicker. And this is where your body needs a little help beyond the ordinary dietary fiber approach to colon health.

How Much Colon Cleanse Weight Loss Is Normal?

When you lose the mucoid plaque, you lose a lot of harmful hidden weight. Around five pounds is common, and you can drop that even in a quick program like my favorite.

Unlike water weight or yo-yo diet weight, the pounds you lose from mucoid plaque won't come back right away. It's eating bad food, not too much food, that brings it back.

Colon Cleanse Weight Loss from Fasting

Juice fast and colon detox - a winning combination

If you find a colon cleanse that includes dietary restriction, especially juice fasting, consider that a plus. The benefits will far outweigh the inconvenience.

Eating Less Can Be More

When you eat less, your body invests that energy in detox, which means better results and less cleansing symptoms as toxins leave your body.

Eating less also helps the toxin-absorbing ingredients target old waste instead of getting lost in the food you eat throughout the day.

But the big surprise in all this is how "full" the toxin absorbers can make you feel.  So following the diet plan is not that hard, and losing weight is the natural result.

Easier Weight Loss after a Colon Cleanse

Cleansing is a fast way to push past a weight loss plateau and lose those limiting beliefs. With the right tools, you really can lose weight.

And that hope can motivate further steps on your pathway to success.

But even better than heading the right direction (finally) is owning a healthier digestive tract. Revved up nutrition fuels faster metabolism.

So it is possible to achieve colon cleanse weight loss even after you cleanse.

A Cleansing Step in the Right Direction

Don't underestimate what a good colon cleanse can do for you.

One step is all it takes to move ahead

To even begin, you are making a decisive vote for a better you - and conquering fears that would keep you stuck.

The short-term rewards you receive can be significant, such as real weight loss, comfortable digestion, a clear complexion, and a new spring in your step.

But even more profound is the perspective you gain. So much more is possible! And with this one colon cleanse, you are one step closer to real freedom.

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