About Those Colon Cleanse Side Effects

Colon cleanse side effects and how to cope

Colon cleanse side effects, as often defined, sound like a negative.

The belief is that purging excess toxins should allow healing to bubble to the surface pretty much right away.

Reality, though, is that strange and unpleasant things do happen with detox. And it can be a challenge to decipher what's going on.

Not All Colon Cleanse Side Effects Are Bad (or Good)

Allergic or overly strong reactions are possible. So please always listen to your body. Sometimes it makes more sense to take action and feel better now.

The flip side is that feeling bad to some degree usually means you are on the right track. Cleansing symptoms occur when toxins are released in the body for elimination. This includes headache, nausea, digestive problems, skin eruptions, body aches, and strangely familiar symptoms from your past.

This phenomenon is known as a healing crisis. While it feels like getting sick, you are actually eliminating something already there. Something that needs to be gone.

Will a Colon Cleanse Mess with Your Gut?

Yes, absolutely! Anytime you modify your diet, add supplements, or incorporate other lifestyle modification, you can pretty much expect a reaction in your gut.

A colon cleanse, by the way, is a very big shift. The radical goal is to eliminate old buildup, also known as mucoid plaque.

How Mucoid Plaque Keeps You Sick and Sluggish

  • Poor nutrient absorption, no matter what you eat.
  • Indigestion (cramps, gas, diarrhea, constipation, etc.).
  • Clogged and weakened immune system.
  • Excess pounds and bloating from the buildup itself.
  • Slow weight loss and healing.
  • Toxin retention and delayed elimination.

When you dislodge or dissolve the mucoid plaque, a lot of fantastic realities can be yours. Like reversal of all the above. But that is not without drama as the environment and balance of power in your gut transform. It is an evolving process that takes time.

Transition to a Better Place

When your gut is changing, you may experience diarrhea, constipation, or other symptoms of indigestion. This is normal and will stabilize. You have taken a step forward, not back.

My First Colon Cleanse Took Two Months

My first colon cleanse prepared me for the idea of patience. Nothing really happened until my second month when out of nowhere I started passing a lot of weird rubbery stuff.

After that is when I finally lost weight, felt light and energetic, and my skin became remarkably clear. It was just a start, but a very good one. Today I recommend this much faster product.

Minimize the Drama Before Your Colon Cleanse

Bump Up Your Nutrition

A detox may be a hugely positive step toward better health, but only if you have the strength! A high toxic load released into a weak body can be too much too fast.

If you have lived off processed and restaurant foods or have significant health issues, consider making dietary changes first.

Changing your diet to real food in itself is a way to promote detox. Your body is constantly involved in detoxification, and solid nutrition will encourage that process along.

Blessed Herbs Detox - Trusted by clinicians around the world!

Choose Your Cleanse Carefully

The detox market is booming, and so are the scams. The worst cleanse is not one that does nothing but one that does too much without enough symptomatic protection.

Try to learn as much as you can about the company. You want an herbalist or natural health professional formulating your product, not some guy trying to make a buck.

Support Elimination for Symptom Relief

If you experience symptoms that are too much for you or point to food intolerance, seek medical assistance right away. For colon cleanse side effects that are not as harsh but still bothersome, follow your product guidelines and consider the ideas below.

Slow Down the Detox

Many cleanses can be dose-reduced or put on hold. Doing so may be best when colon cleanse side effects overwhelm you. Because if your body is not eliminating toxins fast enough, they can be reabsorbed.

Support Your Digestion

Don't be surprised if you feel bloated or constipated at some point in the cleanse. But do stimulate regularity based on instructions for your cleanse or use a constipation remedy.

If you experience excessive diarrhea or cramping, try cutting back your dose. If that does not help, you may be reacting to one of the ingredients.

Keep Your Lymph Moving

Dry skin brushing or using a rebounder will escort toxins out of your body more quickly and limit colon cleanse side effects. Regular exercise will stimulate bowel motility.

Detox Your Mind and Emotions

When unpleasant emotions or memories resurface (as often happens with cleansing), defang them with emotional freedom techniques (EFT) or a method of your choice.

What to Expect from a Good Colon Cleanse

Benefits of colon cleansing

Expect side effects, but hopefully not too strong. Also expect improvement when you're done. Weight loss, clearer skin, increased energy, and many other benefits are common.

One cleanse will not be enough to fix everything. But it is a powerful start.

Probably the best and most surprising outcome is the confidence and competence you gain. A lot truly is possible one step at a time. More than you may realize.

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