Using a Castor Oil Pack for Healing

Castor oil packs speed healing

Want to feel better fast? Think castor oil pack. When applied to the skin, castor bean oil, known as palma Christi ("hand of Christ"), stimulates both cleansing and deep healing. The results can seem, well, miraculous.  

When Not to Use Castor Oil

Castor oil can effectively treat a variety of conditions but should not be used by women during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or the menstrual cycle.

And while the oil can be taken internally for constipation, external use is safest and best.

Health Benefits of Castor Oil

Castor oil naturally promotes increased circulation, skin and deep tissue healing, hair luster and regrowth, improved liver function, lymphatic cleansing, less pain and inflammation, healthy immune response, and better digestion.

Make Your Own Castor Oil Pack

Properly done, you can use this healing remedy again and again. Here's how.

Gather Supplies Before You Begin

  • 16 oz. cold-pressed castor oil
  • Large sheet of plastic
  • Old bath towel
  • Heating pad
  • Absorbent cloth or pad
  • Glass jar with lid
  • Small sheet of plastic
  • Safety pins

Prepare Yourself and Your Station

Wear old comfortable clothes, and protect your couch or bed with a protective plastic covering. (Castor oil will stain.) Place a towel on top of the plastic where your lower back will be, then begin warming your heating pad and set it nearby. 

Castor oil pack kits

Make the Pack

Cut your cloth to size. For liver detox, you want a large pack, about 12" x 6". Pour about 8 ounces oil into a pot, and heat on low over your stove until just warm. Submerge the cloth in the oil, then gently wring out the excess.

Relax and Enjoy

Lie down on your prepared surface so the towel is under your lower back. Place the castor oil pack over your liver and gallbladder. Cover the pack with a small sheet of plastic, then place the heating pad on top. Wrap the towel you are lying on over the heating pad like a belt. Secure in place with safety pins. Relax 30-60 minutes. 

Clean up

Clean Up

Leave the oil on your skin to be absorbed, if desired, or remove it using a little baking soda mixed with water. Place the castor oil pack in a glass jar with a tight lid, and store it in a cool place or your refrigerator.

Reheat and Repeat

To reuse the pack, pour a little oil into the jar with the pack then heat on medium in a pot of water over the stove. Place the warmed pack on a sheet of plastic, then pour oil from the jar on top. Repeat the application as before.

A good practice is to use the pack three days in a row, then skip three days. Repeat the cycle as long as desired.

A castor oil pack can be used again and again this way. Don't wash the cloth but simply replace it with a new one as needed. Never share your pack with other people.

More Ways to Encourage Healing

Because castor bean oil boosts the immune system, this remedy treats a variety of health issues, usually with the pack over your liver and gallbladder. But you can place the pack in other locations, such as over an area of inflammation. 

Castor oil can also be applied to the skin without a pack to heal skin conditions and even help reverse hair loss. 

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