Candida with Maple Syrup in Master Cleanse?

by Anonymous

Can candida sufferers use the maple syrup in the master cleanse (lemonade diet)?

Since I am to have no sugar I was wondering if I can do the diet with maple syrup.


Yeast Overgrowth and Lemonade Diet
by: Lora

You ask a great question, and people have very strong views on both sides (if you haven't already noticed).

candida and maple syrup in master cleanse Obviously the master cleanse is not targeted to heal candida, just like it is not guaranteed to cure acid reflux or help you diagnose food allergies (like it does for some people). But pretty amazing things can happen in a fasting state where your body has the chance to focus on healing.

If I were you, I would determine my own sensitivity to grade B or C maple syrup before trying it. Regular grocery store brands are highly refined sugar with nothing else, so ignore those. Grade B is good enough but C is extra dark and rich in nutrients and might offer more protection. You probably will have to order those or find them in a nutrition store.

The up side to the cleanse is that you can stop at anytime. You're the boss, and you can easily say when enough is enough – or push on if that is appropriate.

You will find if you do the cleanse that it makes you even more sensitive to your body, what it likes and does not like. So whether you go the full 10 days or not, you will know yourself a little more than you did before.

Just so you know, the first two or three days usually bring out the strongest cleansing or healing crisis symptoms, so those would be the ones to weigh most carefully. Everyone gets something or many somethings during that time – headaches, nausea, aches, cravings, just the normal chaotic process of purging the bad stuff.

If your symptoms are not unmanageable and you can keep at it past that initial hump, you may experience the euphoria on the other side where much of that lifts. Less hunger and cravings. Cleansing symptoms decrease, and you can get in more of a rhythm.

We all have a different experience, but there tends to be a mini victory after the first couple of days. I say that just to let you know that if you do have a flare, it might behave more on the other side of day two or three.

But again, if the cleanse seems to not be the best thing for you, no big deal at all. Lemons are extremely healthy, and you can put those to use with a daily lemon water cleanse if you quit early. Then keep the maple syrup for later or pass it on to a friend.

To try and realize it is not a good fit is not failure but a step in the right direction.

I think it is fantastic you are looking into this or other means to help your body heal. So many people accept their ill health as "fate" or "bad genes" – and miss what could be possible if they would simply try.

Thanks for writing, and let us know if you learn anything more. Lots of people struggle with candida, that's for sure.

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