Best Way to Whiten Teeth

Best way to whiten teeth naturally

In my opinion, the best way to whiten teeth is also the simplest solution out there. It's fast, safe, and even heals your body. I discovered it completely by accident.

What I Didn’t Know About Stained Teeth

My teeth had been yellow for as long as I could remember. But better brushing and trendy toothpastes were never going to fix it.

My problem started where every tooth issue begins: poor nutrition. My diet of mostly processed foods made me highly toxic and malnourished. It’s just impossible to have strong white teeth when you live off fake food - and lots of sugar.

Sugary Foods and Beverages Lock in Stains

Long before sugar carves out cavities big enough for a dentist’s drill, it weakens and erodes tooth enamel, forming tiny breaks in the armor that attract and lock in stains. Soft drinks, coffee, tea, and wine also damage your teeth.

My Teeth Whitening Journey

I have no experience with the kind of bleaching a dentist would do. But I have tried just about every home method out there - toothpastes, gels, strips, kits, rinses. even paints and pens.

For some reason, my results were not that impressive. Okay, they really stunk. And yet I kept forking out the cash.

Mold Your Own Dental Trays

Of the products I've tried, I would say the best way to whiten teeth strictly from a box is to use moldable whitening trays. You can buy them separately and choose your own whitening gel. The personal fit seems to whiten better between teeth.

Lemon Cleanse Your Body and Your Teeth

Too much lemon juice can hurt my sensitive teeth. So I am careful to drink anything with lemon quickly and chase it down with water. This includes my favorite lemon cleanse, which is half a lemon squeezed into about a cup of water.

Safe for Sensitive Teeth

My sensitive teeth have never bothered me with this lemon cleanse. But I have experienced an amazing side benefit. I found that brushing my teeth with a natural whitening toothpaste maybe 5-10 minutes after drinking lemon water practically doubles the whitening! In fact, my results with just the lemon water and whitening toothpaste far surpass what took weeks to achieve with other methods.

Should You Brush with Lemon Juice?

I would not recommend applying lemon juice to your teeth. In my opinion, it’s way too strong and potentially damaging. But I can say drinking lemon water to cleanse is something to smile about - even if you don’t whiten your teeth.  

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