Detox for Bad Teeth, Sore Gums, and Dangerous Dental Work

Bad teeth, sore gums, and dangerous dental work

If you struggle with inflamed gums, stale breath, or bad teeth, join the club. Painful dental problems are common even if you don't gorge on sugar or skip hygiene. Nice for dentists, rough for you and me. 

Not Just in Your Head

But the bigger issue with anything in your mouth is that it doesn't stay there. The body is a unified whole, with each part affecting the others.

So while oral bacteria and other poisons do plenty of harm in your mouth, they also spread. And this creates disease in other parts of your body and a weak immune system.

Hidden Source of Chronic Disease

Bad bacteria and toxic dental work in your mouth are often a hidden cause of ongoing unexplained disease.

Most doctors stop at the jawline, while dentists stay within the confines of your mouth. The only time the two professions meet is for a dental screening before major surgery. But a toxic mouth is always bad for your health, not just on the operating table.

Why You Need a Dental Detox

Detoxifying your teeth, gums, and dental work is a hugely important step in cleansing your body. Because until you take the trash out, toxic exposures in your mouth will circulate to other organs and tissues 24/7.

In fact, some illness is nothing more than the natural consequence of very unnatural conditions in the mouth.

Your Dental Work Can Hurt You

Mercury amalgam fillings, for example, emit poisonous vapors all day long. Breathing these vapors forces your body to sequester bits of hazardous mercury elsewhere, often in your brain, heart, and central nervous system.

Bacteria housed in root canal teeth or cavitations daily attack not only your mouth but also travel through your blood stream, keeping you sick.

When Hidden Bacteria Can't Be Reached

No matter how often you brush, floss, or rinse, unfriendly bacteria hiding in root canal teeth multiply unabated. You can't even reach them through dental hygiene, much less destroy them. The germs thriving in tartar buildup, bad teeth, and pockets in your gums also limit your body's ability to heal.

How to Detox Your Mouth

If you haven't done so already, prepare your body to better eliminate oral bacteria and other poisons by completing a colon cleanse. Then begin educating yourself. 

Four Common Enemies You Can Defeat

Natural Remedies for a Healthy Smile

From Bad Teeth to Brilliance

When you are ready, find a good biological dentist to give you a complete evaluation.

This is especially important for questions you really can't answer for yourself, such as which teeth are hurting you the most and which can be left as they are.

It may seem overwhelming at first to discover enemy strongholds in your own teeth and gums, but even the smallest steps ahead can make a big difference.

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