Natural Anions
for Cleansing and Healing

Negative ions for cleansing and healing

The presence or absence of anions, also known as negative ions, powerfully impacts your health whether you realize it or not.

Although not perceived by sight, sound, or smell, high concentrations are felt at a much deeper level.

An obvious example is the exhilaration you experience next to a roaring waterfall or the crash of ocean waves.

It's not just the fresh air and beautiful scenery that lift your mood. It is the unseen electrical world of negative ions magically restoring balance to both mind and body.

Why Negative Ions are Good

Anions are atoms that get negatively charged by gaining electrons. They form when sunlight, moving water, radiation, or other forces cause air molecules to break apart.

Not anions or cations, just a really cool image

This negative charge is actually very good for the human body, boosting oxygen and neutralizing the damaging cations (positive ions) produced in excess today by our computers and other devices, fluorescent lights, cooling systems, exhaust, and certain building materials.

Cations not only weaken our immune system, they also contribute to poor metabolism, bad moods, fatigue, and premature aging.

It is a heaviness we were never meant to bear, and the key to reversing this damage is natural negative ions.

How to Increase Your Exposure

While you can't eliminate harmful cations, you can create more balance to promote healing. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Anions after a storm - photo by Robert Williams

Enjoy Healing Nature Walks

Enjoy walks outdoors, especially after a lightning storm when the air is fresh and powerfully infused with negative ions.

(Just before a storm, the tension you feel in the air is caused by cations.)

Forest areas, mountaintops, and anywhere you find rushing or splashing waters will also provide a refreshingly high concentration of negative ions.

Refresh and Beautify Your Home or Office

Opening the windows, even just a few minutes, can help neutralize indoor air.

Splashy decorative waterfalls and Himalayan salt lamps will also increase negative ions if you strategically place them near you in your work environment or wherever you spend the most time.

Not all Himalayan salt lamps are genuine, so choose carefully.

Wear Simple Yet Powerful Natural Therapy Bands 

Concentrated anion wristbands

Imagine having shaper concentration, better balance and strength, increased energy, deeper sleep, happier moods, and improved health overall - all day, every day.

You can! It's as simple as wearing a wristband with concentrated anions

Just be careful not to buy a weak phony. Many negative ion bands look nice but offer almost no healing power.

The really good ones boast over 2000 ions per cubic centimeter. It's like walking in a forest - without the walk or the forest! 

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