Activated Charcoal Powder for Fast Detox and Cleansing Symptom Relief

Activated charcoal powder capsules for fast detox

Activated charcoal powder is one natural remedy no home should be without. 

Applying or consuming this powerful detoxifier and poison-adsorbing agent can sometimes greatly reduce the time and intensity of what ails you. And it is always safe to try.

A Sinus Infection Turned Black

My first real test with charcoal was mind-blowing. You know that pressure and nasty mucus you get with a sinus infection as it starts to build? That’s where it began.

The worst part was realizing I was all out of bentonite clay, which is my usual go-to for headaches, cleansing symptoms, or anything toxic I want out of my body.

Activated Charcoal - Savings delivered to your door.

What I did have was a bottle of activated charcoal capsules. To my amazement, just minutes after my initial dose, the vice grip began to relax. And the remaining slight headache was easy to keep at bay with dosing every 2 hours until it was gone. Just two days instead of two weeks!

Apparently charcoal from the capsules knew exactly where to go. Proof positive was when I blew my nose and all this black stuff came out.  

What Is Activated Charcoal Powder?

Also known as activated carbon, this porous black powder adsorbs (with a "d") harmful substances, binding them to its surface for safe elimination.

And while the powder looks ominous, it has almost no flavor or scent.

Many Professionals Depend on Activated Charcoal

Hospitals use charcoal to treat certain types of drug overdose or poisoning. It is not for every situation but will grab specific poisons from the entire gastrointestinal tract.

Industry relies on charcoal to filter water and air, mop up chemical spills, and purify a variety of raw materials.

Activated Charcoal Benefits

  • Natural teeth whitening.
  • Facial mask to clear skin and tighten pores.
  • Speedy relief from bee stings and insect bites.
  • Detox from food poisoning or other toxic ingestion (with medical help).
  • Faster healing from cleansing symptoms, colds, and flu.

Does Activated Charcoal Have Side Effects?

This home remedy should only be used as needed, not on a daily. Too much charcoal can potentially cause constipation and interfere with mineral absorption. Charcoal can also darken stool and mucus, which is harmless but weird. 

How to Use Activated Charcoal for Detox

Activated charcoal powder has no expiration date, so it is easy to have a jar ready. Or for less mess, capsules are all you really need. You can easily ingest the right dose or open them to treat insect bites or even brush away stains from your teeth.

How to make a charcoal paste or poultice

Detox for Small Skin Lesions

For small issues like insect bites or stings, mix a little charcoal powder with water to form a paste. Apply to the area and cover with a bandage.

For deeper detox, a gel will stay moist longer. Add 2 parts water to 1 part charcoal and 1 part ground flaxseed. Stir until thick.

Large Skin Problems

While you can use charcoal for significant skin issues, you don't have to! A better approach for facial masks, burns, skin reactions, and detox baths is the "clean" yet mighty bentonite. 

Internal Detox

Whenever you don't feel well, think charcoal. It may provide substantial relief, and you are no worse off for trying. Just take the dose indicated, drink plenty of water, and repeat every 2 or 3 hours until symptoms pass.  

Activated Charcoal Powder vs. Bentonite Clay

If you are looking for a daily detox, sodium or calcium bentonite clay is the safe way to go. Reserve bentonite also for large topical applications (unless you don't mind a little cleanup).

For those times when you feel sick or have a small topical need, pick either one. An exception would be dangerous poisoning. In that case charcoal could be the first step, followed by immediate medical attention.

I find the hardest thing to remember is that I actually don't have to suffer. Many times just a little charcoal or clay can stop the aggravation in its tracks.

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