Natural Toenail Fungus Home Remedy

Toenail fungus home remedy

I have toenail fungus? Really!? The idea had just never occurred to me. Instead for months I assumed nail polish was yellowing my big toenails.

Thick, Yellow, and Hiding a Live Infection

One day I realized how thick the nails had become and took a closer look. Sure enough, I was dealing with something more serious.

Can You Say "Onychomycosis"?

This fungus is called onychomycosis. It is unattractive, yes, and it can progress to cause pain and even limit a person's functional ability. But the worst part is the ongoing toxic infection.

Where Does Toenail Fungus Come From?

I'm not sure what happened to me. But this kind of fungus can come from public showers, gyms, or spas. It enters through small cuts in your skin or an injured nail bed.

If your feet sweat a lot, that's a problem. Having a weak immune system makes matters worse. (That was me for sure.)

Not Bad Enough For Drugs

By the time I took notice, my toenail fungus was in full bloom. The nails of both big toes were swallowed alive, with some fungus beginning to spread to neighboring toes.

But I knew better than to freak out. Even though it looked bad, my body could heal this if I provided the right help.

Sure, the antifungal drugs would be a guaranteed "fix," but at what cost? Every time you take a drug, you attack your body - not just the problem. And who needs that!

A Natural Antifungal That Works!

I did some research and discovered several natural antifungal remedies, such as soaking in vinegar or hydrogen peroxide or applying tea tree oil or clove oil.

I like to keep things simple, so daily foot soaks were out. Then I read about oil of oregano, which is a natural antifungal that cures yellow toenails. This seemed like an easier and safer option since tea tree oil and clove oil can be strong.

How to Apply the Oregano Oil

Most essential oils should be diluted before use, but I didn't find that necessary with oil of oregano. I simply applied the oil once a day and let it dry slightly before putting on socks and shoes.

Results Are on the Way

I must admit I wondered for several weeks if my nifty home remedy would work. My toenail fungus was very well established.

At one point I thought the nails were pulling away from the nail bed, but actually that was a good sign. The new growth was not nearly as thick, and it was definitely healthy.

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Complete Growth Takes Over a Year (Drugs Don't Help)

The hard part is waiting. Toenails take about four times longer to grow than fingernails, and it can be a year to a year and a half before a toenail has fully grown.

But regrowth is slow whether you use drugs or a natural antifungal. I vote for the natural.

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