Dry Skin Brushing for Natural Healing

Dry skin brushing to boost your immune system

Dry skin brushing is an invigorating skin cleanse that gets your lymph moving for better health.

For just 5 minutes on a busy morning, here is a small sampling of the phenomenal benefits this healing technique can bring.

Skin and Body Benefits

  • Boosts your immune system
  • Removes toxins and dead skin cells
  • Increases blood flow
  • Tightens and tones your skin
  • Reduces cellulite

Why Skin Brushing Is So Powerful

While lifting dead cells and toxins from the skin surface, the quick strokes with a stiff-bristle brush stimulate lymph vessels beneath. So you get the glow of clearer skin on the outside while supercharging your immune system from within.

Deep Lymphatic Cleansing

Meanwhile, the increased lymph and blood flow awakens your body faster than a morning cup of coffee. You feel the difference almost immediately, while something much deeper is going on.

Old toxic lymph, which needs muscular stimulation to move along, gets a big nudge in the right direction. And you never even break a sweat!

Get that Cellulite Going, Going, Gone

The cleansing of your skin and lymphatic system also addresses that bumpy fat known as cellulite. If you have cellulite, you have a lymphatic system begging to be cleansed. (A liver cleanse will also help by improving metabolism and hormonal balance.)

Choosing A Good Skin Brush

Choosing your brush

All you need is a natural bristle brush with a long handle.

You should consider this a personal item not to be shared. Keep the brush dry except for occasional washing with mild soap.

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Proper Technique for Best Results

Always use a dry brush! Applying the brush to your skin while bathing softens the bristles and makes your skin too elastic.

Timing Is Everything

Morning is optimal to help energize your body for the day ahead. You want to do this right before you shower or take a bath so you can rinse away the loosened toxins and dead skin cells.

Go with that Lymphatic Flow

Any stimulation is obviously good, but moving in the direction of lymphatic flow is most strategic.

Begin at your feet and move upward, doing one segment at a time: lower then upper legs, hips and buttocks, abdomen and chest, arms, and back. Always aim your brush strokes in the direction of your heart and avoid brushing your face or other sensitive areas.

Keep Your Strokes Light and Invigorating

Apply light pressure with long brisk strokes. The goal is not to scrub the skin but to gently encourage lymph and blood flow, making the skin slightly pink. The bristles should invigorate and awaken, not cause injury or pain.

Dry skin brushing is easy to work into a daily routine or during stressful times such as cold and flu season. Either way, your skin and lymphatic system will thank you.

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