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Weight Loss Cleanse
December 19, 2013

A Weight Loss Cleanse that Works

weight loss cleanse

Looking for a weight loss cleanse to get the year started right?

If so, you can’t go wrong with two tried and true favorites - a colon cleanse or the master cleanse. More about those below.

In my journey to better health and *finally* shrinking my problem spots, both the colon cleanse and master cleanse were key.

I had reached a place where it was nearly impossible to lose weight, which is not uncommon as we age. My ill health also played a role with a severely clogged liver.

But further down the road, I learned some valuable keys that helped me ultimately shift my body from burning carbs to burning fat. I hardly recognize the new me, and I love it!

This month I compiled a summary of what I feel are the four keys to changing your body for good, and the first step is definitely cleansing.

After that, adding back lean muscle through strength training will begin changing your metabolism. And it couldn’t be easier at just 15 minutes a day, three days a week.

From there, learning to change your diet from processed foods to natural whole foods will make your weight loss pick up speed.

Cravings magically disappear when you stop eating empty food and addictive chemicals.

The fourth and most strategic step is to start eating your food in a smaller window of time each day through intermittent fasting.

The end result is that your body takes over, finally becoming what it always wanted to be - lean, healthy, and strong. Totally amazing!

Weight Loss

Jump Start wtih a Colon Cleanse

If you have never done a colon cleanse, start here.

Buildup in the colon contributes to extra bulk in your midsection, but this is easy to resolve. A colon detox will quickly eliminate the buildup, which also promotes better digestion and faster weight loss.

I have tried many colon cleanses, but Blessed Herbs is by far the best.

Blessed Herbs

Use the Master Cleanse to Transform

A totally amazing cleanse that will drop the weight fast is the master cleanse (also known as the lemonade diet).

Dream about it first and get the right mindset. The cleanse really is not that hard once you get into it. And it has a way of not only changing your waistline but changing YOU!

Master Cleanse

Life Change Is Possible

I am fascinated to watch how change happens in me and the people around me.

It seems there is a window of time when the mind wrestles with old ideas and considers embracing new. But once you become fully convinced that the new is supreme, dramatic change is possible.

The same is true with that gerbil wheel of weight loss.

Learn the truth about what you eat and begin making wise changes. The more you believe in the “why” of something, the more it becomes what you really, really want.

Your tastes, habits, and ultimately your life change - all for the good.

Thanks for Joining Me

I hope you find my updates helpful. If you have questions or I can serve you better, please let me know. One of my greatest joys is to dialog with people around the world.

And if someone you know might enjoy this newsletter, please share.

Happy cleansing!

Lora Bosley

Real Body Cleansing

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