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Kidney Detox Made Easy
October 16, 2013

Herbs for Kidney Detox

Anions Ten years ago when I hit bottom with my health, kidney problems were a big motivating factor in my decision to change.

I carried extra water weight (edema) around my ankles, and my doctor did not know why or how to fix it.

Now after the master cleanse, colon cleansing, more liver cleanses than I can count, and several kidney cleanses, I’m off all drugs and most of my disease conditions have vanished.

My kidneys, however, have been slow to bounce back.

Recently in looking for ways to heal, I discovered that herbs for kidney cleansing can be just as powerful in supplement form, without any formal recipe. A much easier solution for people on the go.

Kidney Herbs

Andreas Moritz’ Kidney Cleanse

But if you do like a focused kidney cleanser, you might want to check out the method prescribed by Andreas Moritz.

His kidney cleanse recipe is simpler than Dr. Hulda Clark’s, with just an herbal tea and no extra supplements.

He also uses a different selection of herbs.

Andreas Moritz

How to Treat Kidney Stones

A good kidney cleanser will help dissolve stones, even the “silent” ones you may not know you have.

But if your kidney stones have been anything but quiet, your best bet is a simple home remedy with ingredients as close as your grocery store. This combination will shrink existing kidney stones and get them unstuck.

Or try a powerful single herb that eliminates stones from both your kidneys and gallbladder.

Kidney Stones

How Often Should You Cleanse Your Kidneys?

Twice a year is the general rule. But if you are doing the liver flush, take regular breaks to help your kidneys process the extra debris.

The liver flush releases a lot of toxins, and not all of them exit through your digestive tract.

I noticed with the all the liver cleansing I was doing that the pores in my forehead became very clogged, and I developed itchiness and other issues with my skin.

Kidney detox with the right herbs or recipe can make a big difference!

Thanks for Joining Me

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Happy cleansing!

Lora Bosley

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