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Cold and Flu Relief
November 27, 2013

Cold and Flu Relief

cold and flu relief

I am always looking for natural ways to heal quickly - or not get sick at all. This is especially true during cold and flu season.

One thing I know for sure: DON'T get a flu shot. Unless you want to harm your immune system and possibly get sick anyway.

About a year ago, I was compelled to get a tetanus shot which included whooping cough vaccine. Three weeks later, I had the worst cough of my life! And the cough continued solid for three months then slowly backed down. But even today, I still cough on a regular basis.

I don’t know what I’d do without lemon water and these other remedies for cold and flu relief. (Or in my case, surviving a vaccine.)

Cold and Flu

Lymphatic System Cleanse

It’s easy to make excuses not to exercise during the cold busy days of winter. But not when you have a rebounder!

This deceptively fun little exerciser powerfully cleanses your lymphatic system with just a few minutes of light bouncing. It also tones your muscles and boosts your energy.

Next time you feel less than best, try bouncing your symptoms away.


Don’t Just Treat Symptoms

It can be very tempting to medicate when your body is struggling to get well. And there may be times when the need for symptomatic relief outweighs the consequences.

But natural healing is always better and more complete than anything you get from a bottle.

Drugs only hide symptoms while harming your body at the same time.

Natural healing makes you truly well.

Thanks for Joining Me

I hope you find my updates helpful. If you have questions or I can serve you better, please let me know. One of my greatest joys is to dialog with people around the world.

And if someone you know might enjoy this newsletter, please share.

Happy cleansing!

Lora Bosley

Real Body Cleansing

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