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Simple Energy Healing with Anions and More
September 05, 2013

Natural Anions for Cleansing and Healing

Anions Anions, also known as negative ions, have become more mainstream in recent years through ionic products such as hair dryers, air purifiers, and foot baths.

Recently I discovered performance bands which supposedly generate negative ions and thereby increase your energy, help you sleep, boost your immune system, relieve pain, improve your balance, and elevate your mood. Many professional athletes depend on them.

Really? Could a piece of stone-infused silicone do all that?

Yes! Actually I was quite impressed. I tried two different bands that report very high anion activity, and it wasn't long before I noticed an increase in my energy level and almost a feeling of serenity.

But what really floored me was the pain relief. One day my hand cramped up after using a mouse too much. Usually this type of cramp would go on for days, but this time I tried something different. By moving my negative ion band to that wrist, within a couple of hours the pain was gone!

That’s when I decided to learn more and maximize this in my life.

Natural Anions

Brain Wave Vibration

I suppose this is a bit random, but I can do random sometimes.

A few weeks ago, I discovered something called brain wave vibration. It’s a very simple technique and costs no money at all (my favorite kind).

People who have practiced this much longer than I have report some pretty significant healing - anything from MS to lazy eye.

I have noticed brain wave vibration is both relaxing and energizing for me at the same time.

This short video offers a good demonstration. It’s very simple:

Brain Wave Vibration

Emotional Healing with Energy

Speaking of the unseen electrical world, if you have yet to discover emotional freedom techniques (EFT), I highly recommend that as well.

By tapping certain acupressure points on the body, you can release years of unresolved emotions that weigh you down.

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Thanks for Joining Me

I hope you find my updates helpful. If you have questions or I can serve you better, please let me know. One of my greatest joys is to dialog with people around the world.

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Happy cleansing!

Lora Bosley

Real Body Cleansing

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