Best Parasite Cleanse

Parasite cleanse with black walnut hull tincture

This three-herb parasite cleanse, made popular through the work of Dr. Hulda Clark, safely eliminates over 100 types of parasites from the human body.

It is safe and will not interfere with medications.

Most people experience no side effects.

You do need to take all three herbs following a set schedule (see below). Black walnut hulls from the black walnut tree and wormwood from the artemisia shrub kill adult and developmental stages of parasites. Cloves eliminate the eggs.

Parasite Cleanse Recipe


  • Black walnut hull tincture, extra strength
  • Wormwood capsules (200-300 mg per capsule)
  • Cloves (500 mg per capsule)

Note: The individual herbs in their proper amounts can be hard to find and pricey.
Look for Dr. Hulda Clark kits to save time and money.


Follow the schedule below. Add the black walnut dose to 1/2 cup water and drink it on an empty stomach. If the alcohol content makes you woozy, take it easy until the feeling has passed. Take the wormwood capsules also on an empty stomach, before a meal. Cloves capsules are taken three times a day.

Black Walnut
(3 times a day)
Day 1 1 drop 1 capsule 1 capsule x3
Day 2 2 drops 1 capsule 2 capsules x3
Day 3 3 drops 2 capsules 3 capsules x3
Day 4 4 drops 2 capsules 3 capsules x3
Day 5 5 drops 3 capsules 3 capsules x3
Day 6 2 teaspoons 3 capsules 3 capsules x3
Day 7   now once a week   4 capsules 3 capsules x3
Day 8 4 capsules 3 capsules x3
Day 9 5 capsules 3 capsules x3
Day 10 5 capsules 3 capsules x3
Day 11 6 capsules 7 capsules x1
Day 12 6 capsules   now once a week  
Day 13 2 teaspoons 7 capsules
Day 14 7 capsules
Day 15 7 capsules
Day 16 7 capsules
Day 17   now once a week  
Day 18 7 capsules x1


To maintain your parasite cleanse after the 18 days, take all three herbs once a week: black walnut hull 2 teaspoons, wormwood 7 capsules, cloves 7 capsules (once a day). Choose any day of the week that works best for you.

Maintaining the cleanse is a personal choice, not mandatory.

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