My Story of Healing
through Body Cleansing

My story of cleansing back to health

My name is Lora Bosley, and this is my story - my own journey from sickness to health.

Now in my 40s, over a decade past what started as the worst nightmare of my life, I can look back with joy at all God has done. 

I hope my story will encourage you. Because as Yogi Berra used to say, "It ain't over 'til it's over."

You may find that the words people have spoken over your life are nothing more than fables, even those given by doctors.

Long Ago in a Clinic Far Away 

At the time it was terrifying. I was sitting in front of yet another specialist (neurologist number 2), yearning for hope. But all he had was a grim assessment:

"There is so much wrong with you,
you should be 63!

I was 33 at the time, newly diagnosed with parvovirus B19 after the flu made it hard to walk. Parvovirus B19 is not the parvo animals get but can lead to complications - in my case peripheral neuropathy, a nerve issue that sent painful electric shocks through my arms and legs along with growing numbness. My hands felt like plastic.

More Diagnostics and Bad News

Parvovirus B19, peripheral neuropathy, hypothyroidism, and more

My doctor ran more tests and found hypothyroidism and other hormone issues, celiac sprue, stomach ulcers, dry eye syndrome, gastroparesis, and ovarian cysts. Then a tonsillectomy plunged me into the misery of chronic fatigue syndrome.

The Lowest of the Low

I thought my life was over. I could hardly get out of bed, much less think straight or function in daily life. But that's when God intervened and directed my story to a much better ending.

Body Cleansing Made All the Difference

My friend's husband reversed his heart disease through liver cleansing, and I was intrigued. I read Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About by Kevin Trudeau, the book that opened their eyes, and finally I could see what went wrong in my life.

Then I found and Dr. Hulda Clark's The Cure for All Diseases and dove into cleansing: first a colon and parasite cleanse, then a kidney cleanse, lots of liver cleanses, and a master cleanse. I also made dietary and lifestyle changes.

Applying the Truth Set Me Free

God restored my life through body cleansing

I believed the truth enough to try it. Even when it was hard, and cleansing can be hard. But then the results started bubbling up to the surface - signs of new life.

My skin cleared up, and my energy soared. I lost weight and had to get off my thyroid meds which were suddenly too strong. I even said goodbye to acid reflux and IBS.

Today I am amazed at the journey God has brought through. I was told healing was impossible, yet today I'm off all drugs and feel better than ever.

My Story and Yours

My story is still being written because there is more progress to be made. I continue to learn and grow, sometimes two steps forward and one step back. But never back to that passive place of letting others choose my fate.

I hope what I share inspires belief that just maybe a better ending is possible for your story as well.

What if you could be healed or at least feel better? You never know until you try.

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