What Is Mucoid Plaque?

The term mucoid plaque was originally coined by Richard Anderson, ND, NMD to describe "various conditions found throughout the body, especially in hollow organs and the alimentary canal [digestive tract]." It is a substance the body forms to protect itself from toxins such as drugs, chemicals, and heavy metals.

Not Your Average BM

Mucoid plaque purged from the intestine has an unusual odor and looks very different from normal bowel movements. It can be expelled in small chunks or long rubbery strings.

When developed over a long time, the buildup can be almost as dark and thick as tire tread. Striations have even been observed, like the indentations lining the large and small bowel.

Mucus as Your Body's Defense

While mucus buildup can hide in the colon indefinitely, we experience a similar defense when we breathe dust particles and cough up mucus as a result. The excretion traps and expels what would otherwise cause harm.

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Toxic Overload as a Lifestyle

Your body is not a glass that takes in only so much liquid then overflows. Instead too much food makes you fat, and too many toxins make you toxic.

Hazardous Waste in Your Gut

Excess toxins are stored many ways, including fat deposits, gallstones, and intestinal wall buildup.

Toxins stored away are not "safe." Mucoid plaque in the bowel, for example, can lead to poor absorption of nutrients and decreased immune function, as about 70% of your immune system is located in your digestive tract.

Is Cleansing a Dangerous Way to Release Toxins?

Cleanses do expose you to toxins but in a limited way. When your body burns fat or expels waste, you may experience a Herxheimer reaction as toxins are released. There are ways to keep these symptoms at a minimum so that you are cleansing at a pace your body can keep up with. But some toxic reactions are normal, often with better health on the other side.

The Connection Between Mucoid Plaque and Leaky Gut

Significant buildup can progress to leaky gut syndrome, allowing toxins to seep through damaged intestinal lining into the blood stream, producing autoimmune disease.

Is Colon Cleansing a Hoax Promoted by Quacks? 

Some have suggested buildup in the colon is nothing more than a clever hoax leveraging fear to sell detox products. Colon cleanse pictures are shocking and do encourage a certain degree of introspection, especially if you suffer from constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, or other digestive malady (as so many people do).

"Scientific" Explanations That Don't Mix

Some critics theorize that mucoid plaque is just the union of psyllium with bentonite or other colon cleanse ingredients. That idea sounds plausible until you mix the ingredients yourself and get mush, not glue. It is also hard to explain why this rubbery putrefied waste passes sporadically during a colon cleanse, with most bowel movements being nothing unusual.

Transformation Is Hard to Hide

A bigger problem for such critics is how to explain the end results. Ignoring the cultural taboo of discussing anything bowel-related, those who have been transformed by colon cleansing proudly share the secret to their clearer skin, energy, weight loss, and feeling great. Colon cleansing does work, and it is impossible to hide.

Imagine what might happen if too many of us got healthy and no longer needed the critics' expensive "cures."

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