Mosquito Bite Remedy for Itch Relief

This mosquito bite remedy stops the histamine itch fast

Okay, so this mosquito bite remedy is not something you can tuck in your back pocket for an afternoon in the great outdoors.

But it does provide powerful itch relief on the spot, no chemicals required. And the itch disappears for hours, if not completely.

Great for Other Itches Too!

This remedy also works on spider bites, poison ivy, poison oak, and other itchy rashes, insect bites, or dry skin areas. Plus it is super cheap if you already own a hair dryer.

Wait a Minute... a Hair Dryer!?

Yes, a hair dryer. I discovered this nifty trick while recovering from poison ivy. The swollen irritating mess eventually landed me in the ER, but in the meantime I tried nearly every itch reliever I could find. Nothing seemed to work for more than a few minutes until I got up the courage to try the hair dryer.

How to Stop the Itch for Hours

All you need for this mosquito bite remedy is a hair dryer and an insect bite or other itch. Simply hold the hair dryer a few inches from the itchy spot, and turn it on high.

You will notice slight heat, followed by what feels like tiny fingernails scratching right where you itch - ahhhhh, heavenly! After that, you will feel a "zap" of heat that tells you it's time to stop. Turn off the hair dryer and go on your happy, itch-free way.

If a Severe Itch Returns, Just Repeat

If you have a really bad rash like poison oak or poison ivy, just pull out the hair dryer when the itch starts to creep back. It's an easy way to keep your sanity for long periods of time while you heal.

But for mosquito bites and other minor irritations, one treatment will likely do the trick. No scratching, slathering, or scarring required.

Why in the World Does This Work?

Apparently the heat from a hair dryer produces a pain response similar to scratching, and that sends a signal to your brain to stop the itch. But unlike scratching, the heat does not damage the skin. Heat is also known to release histamine from the body, and this can stall the itchy histamine response for hours.

Say No to Drugs (and Toxins)

Because this mosquito bite remedy depends on natural healing, you avoid the hazards of antihistamine drugs, steroids, and the like.

Obviously, not all itches are created equal, so use common sense and avoid sensitive areas like your eyes. But for most itchy issues, I've found nothing beats a hair dryer.

Prevention Is Best

Even better than stopping the itch with a mosquito bite remedy is not getting bit at all. Taking a B-complex vitamin is a healthy way to make yourself less appealing to bugs.

For extra protection, say no to toxic chemical sprays and instead experiment with safe alternatives such as these natural insect repellents.

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