Build Your Own Master Cleanse Kit

Build your own master cleanse kit

Deciding to do the master cleanse (lemonade diet) is a big step. The next hurdle is figuring out what you need, how much, and where to find it. And what is grade B maple syrup anyway!?

To clear up the confusion, here is a complete list.

Everything You Need for 10 Days (6 Servings)

The lemonade diet recipe calls for 6-12 servings a day. Six servings are enough for optimal weight loss, but it is good to be ready for more servings if you need them to satisfy hunger or to continue the cleanse longer, up to 40 days.

The Master Cleanser Book

The Master Cleanser by Stanley Burroughs

Your guide to the original lemonade diet with tips and encouragement to help you lose weight, improve your health, and feel great in just 10 days.

Small Juicer
or Reamer

Juicer or reamer
Gallon jug to mix lemonade for one day

Gallon Jug

Himalayan or sea salt, not iodized

Sea Salt, Not Iodized (20 teaspoons)

Ground cayenne pepper

(6 teaspoons)

Grade B Maple Syrup, 64 oz.

Grade B maple syrup

Nutritionally superior to grocery store syrup, honey, or agave, grade B maple syrup is best. Plan on 2 tablespoons (1 oz.) per serving.

30+ Lemons, Organic if Possible 

Lots of lemons for the lemonade diet

A half lemon yields less than the 2 tablespoons (1 ounce) juice per serving. Limes can also be used. Bottled organic lemon juice works in a pinch.

Laxative Tea
(20 tea bags)

Natural laxative tea
Mint tea is an optional treat

Mint Tea 
(Optional Treat) 

Where to Find the Best Deals

Master cleanse kits provide everything you need except the lemons. Or with a little effort, you can save money by selecting the items yourself.

From my research, here are your best price options - all with free shipping available to the contiguous U.S. If you find cheaper prices, let me know!

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