Cleanse Your Lymphatic System for Healthy Skin and Body!

Lymphatic system

The lymphatic system, often ignored, is your silent defender against disease and your best friend when it comes to healthy skin and saying goodbye to cellulite.

Composed of a delicate network of branching vessels, this intricate system reaches into nearly every part of your body to remove excess fluid and waste, destroy pathogens, and help deliver nutrients, oxygen, and hormones.

The goal is to keep you healthy, and it all depends on circulating a colorless fluid known as lymph.

Your Lymphatic System Moves When You Do

Unlike blood which is kept circulating by the heart, lymph must be moved along through other means, usually muscular contraction. This makes it easy for lymph to remain stagnant, creating a highly toxic situation for your entire body - especially your skin.

For Healthy Skin, Go Deep! 

While skin care products can somewhat help, real transformation must begin way below the surface with good nutrition and less toxins.

That's why detox is so important. For healthy skin, think colon cleanse or lymphatic cleanse. Doing the liver flush can also free your skin from years of bad habits and dietary indiscretion.

The same is true for cellulite. While cellulite cream is in high demand, it offers only a temporary fix at best. You're better off to skip the cellulite cream but do the massage, which is a lymphatic cleanse on its own.

How to Cleanse Your Lymphatic System

A rebounder gets your lymph moving

Making your muscles contract through exercise will get your lymph moving, and a rebounder (mini trampoline) is a simple way to do that.

Never mind the power workouts. A light bouncing action is all you need to stimulate lymph flow. Rebounding is actually quite fun.

Best Way to Use a Skin Brush

Dry skin brushing for healthy skin and lymphatic system

Did you know you can cleanse your lymphatic system and skin at the same time? Just five minutes of dry skin brushing before a shower can awaken your whole body, circulate lymph for faster healing, and help renew your skin. More about cleansing skin care

Definitely Not Your Ordinary Bath

Want to take cleansing more than skin deep? Try a detox bath! It's a natural yet powerful way to boost healing. It can also dramatically cut your healing time from colds or flu.

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