Best Liver Flush Oils

Best liver flush oils

For almost every liver flush recipe, extra virgin olive oil is the star of the show. And a hard one to swallow. So the question is often asked, Can you use other oils and still pass stones?

Moving Beyond Olive Oil

Yes, you do have options! Olive oil is ideal for liver cleansing since it meets scientific criteria and is readily available. But other oils can also do the trick. A good example is macadamia oil, which has an even better composition and milder flavor, if you don't mind paying the price.

What Makes a Good Liver Flush Oil?

Basically you want a quality cold-pressed oil with no chemical preservatives. The oil should also be high in monounsaturated fat and low in saturated fat to encourage generous bile response and as little time in the stomach as possible.

Fat Composition of Common Oils

Type of Oil Mono % Poly % Saturated %
Macadamia oil 84 4 12
Olive oil 76 10 14
Almond oil 65 25 10
Pecan oil 55 34 11
Pumpkin oil 50 36 14
Peanut oil 45 36 19
Animal frying oils   45 5 50
Sesame oil 43 43 14
Palm oil 39 10 51
Butter 36 7 57
Sunflower oil 23 66 11
Flaxseed oil 19 69 12
Walnut oil 18 71 11
Safflower oil 14 77 9
Hemp oil 14 79 7
Coconut oil 3 4 93

What About a Coconut Oil Liver Flush?

Wouldn't it be yummy to lube your cleanse with coconut oil! Some people actually do, and this can reportedly help with yeast overgrowth. But as you can see from the chart, straight coconut oil is not an optimal choice for passing gallstones.  

Tropical Taste and Better Sleep

A safer bet is to add (not substitute) 1-2 tablespoons of melted coconut oil to the oil of your choice. The pina colada flavor is huge plus, and the coconut oil seems to produce deeper sleep and a deeper detox as well.

Learn more about the healing power of coconut oil at

Oils to Consider or Completely Avoid

The flavors and composition of some oils make them worthwhile (or not).

Flaxseed and Low-Ranking Oils

Flaxseed oil is not high on the list, but it is very nourishing for your liver and rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Some people report success with flaxseed oil and other oils that scientifically seem not as good. Hemp oil also works.

Castor Oil Packs

One oil to completely avoid internally is castor oil. Save it for castor oil packs.

Toss the Toxic Oils

If you still have unhealthy oils in your kitchen, liver cleansing is not a good way to use them up. Vegetable oils are very hard on the body. And canola, corn, or soybean oils in the U.S. are almost always genetically modified.

Be Creative and Go for It!

Whatever your situation, especially if you can't stand olive oil, feel free to adapt your favorite liver flush recipe. Try adding a little coconut oil or do something entirely new. Anything to upgrade your experience or add variety can really help. 

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